The Note: Decisions to Be Made

Adam Nossiter writes in the New York Times of the elephant in the room in the mayoral election: whether to rebuild all New Orleans neighborhoods equally. So far, Nossiter writes, "that question has become conspicuous by its absence." LINK

2006: landscape:

Alexander Bolton and Jeffrey Young of The Hill take a look at the recent FEC filings and conclude that challengers raised more money than the incumbents in competitive races, which is perhaps "a sign of the gathering strength of an anti-incumbent wind that doesn't necessarily distinguish between Republicans and Democrats." LINK

2006: Senate:

Based on his record of opposing expanded drilling in the Arctic and standing up for cleaner air, the Sierra Club announces its endorsement of Republican Sen. Lincoln Chafee (RI) in Warwick, RI at 9:45 am ET.

"Lincoln Chafee has been an environmental champion regardless of party affiliation," said Sierra Club spokesguy David Willett. "He's been there for the environment so we are going to be there for him."

The Sierra Club will be encouraging its volunteers in the Ocean State to volunteer for Chafee. The endorsement is for both the primary and general elections.

Per the Washington Post's Rein, Democrat Harris Miller kicked off his Senate campaign in Virginia yesterday by saying, "George Allen has spent a lot of time in New Hampshire, Iowa and South Carolina recently . . . As far as I can tell, that has done nothing to ease gridlock for commuters here in Northern Virginia, nothing to provide health care for a single family in Tidewater, nothing to provide good jobs for those who have lost jobs in Southside or southwest Virginia." LINK

Jim Stratton of the Orlando Sentinel takes a look at the Rasmussen poll that shows "Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) with a commanding 30-point lead over challenger Rep. Katherine Harris (R-FL)." LINK

2006: Gubernatorial:

The Los Angeles Times' Peter Nichols officially Notes the Steve Westly bandwagon with this line in today's paper: "At one time the underdog, Westly is now perceived by political analysts to have a good shot at not just knocking off [Phil] Angelides, who has less campaign money and more prominent Democratic endorsements, but also at mounting a strong campaign against the governor." LINK

Democratic gubernatorial hopefuls Westly and Angelides are talking circles around one another when it comes to California's budget, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. LINK

Gov. Ehrlich (R-MD) is launching a petition drive in an effort to allow voters to overturn the state's early voting procedures passed into law last year. LINK

Quinnipiac University's latest Florida gubernatorial poll numbers show tight contest in all but one of the likely general election match-up scenarios. More importantly, the poll indicates that all four candidates still have quite a bit of work to do introducing themselves to the Florida electorate -- especially so for the Democrats. (And how about that Gov. Bush number? Do you think his brother expressed approval rating envy at breakfast this morning?)

Here are the horserace numbers for you:

Attorney General Charlie Crist (R-FL) gets 37 percent of the vote when matched up against Rep. Jim Davis (D-FL) who gets 39 percent.

CFO Tom Gallagher (R-FL) and Rep. Jim Davis each garner the support of 38 percent of those polled in their match-up.

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