The Note: The Turtle Is Back on the Fence Post

The Boston Globe's Ebbert and Savage report that Romney's trip to Guantanamo was viewed "immediately" as an effort to "bolster his foreign policy credentials in anticipation of a presidential campaign." LINK

Steve Koehler of the News-Leader Notes that Sen. Brownback (R-KS) "may not officially be running for the Republican presidential nomination," but the address he gave "at Missouri State University on Thursday night had all the makings of a national campaign speech." LINK

2008: Democrats:

Al Gore, with photo and the lede, is a Variety cover boy again today: "Al Gore will be rubbing elbows with Wolverine and Tom Hanks at the 59th Cannes Film Festival."

With all the recent attention on her Senate campaign account, Sen. Clinton tapped her HILLPAC funds to distribute $190,000 to Democrats and Democratic organizations. (And, yes, the Iowa and New Hampshire Democratic parties were among the recipients.) Here's the AP's account: LINK

Greenpeace is targeting Sen. Clinton's position on a Massachusetts wind farm proposal, reports the New York Daily News. LINK

"With Hillary Clinton already setting an astonishingly fast pace for 2008 with donations being funneled into her 2006 Senate re-election campaign, other Democratic hopefuls are under intense pressure to prove they won't be priced out of the contest," reports The Hotline's Marc Ambinder in National Journal.

"The competition for commitments -- even backup commitments -- is fierce. One major Democratic donor likens his friends to a school of fish that darts in a new direction at the slightest change in current. That's why several candidates -- Bayh and Warner are the most explicit -- ask to be a donor's second choice if first is no longer an option."

Thomas Beaumont of the Des Moines Register details former Gov. Mark Warner's (D-VA) first visit to Iowa since leaving office, Noting that by calling for Rumsfeld's resignation, Warner has "set himself apart from other potential presidential candidates in his party, including Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) and Gov. Tom Vilsack.(D-IA)." LINK

Per Warner, courtesy of Beaumont: "'The line of mistakes in this war is almost unprecedented,' he told The Des Moines Register, including 'the failure to make a change in the architect in Rumsfeld, with unprecedented calls for his resignation from the armed services -- and those are just the public calls.'"

Lauren Dorgan of the Concord Monitor details John Edwards' visit to the Granite State yesterday, having the 2008 hopeful saying that "I'm seriously considering it, but I haven't made my decision" on a presidential run and that "he recognized a lot of people in the audience from the 2004 campaign." LINK

The AP's Holly Ramer takes a look at Edwards' visit as well and has the former Senator discussing "the concept of two Americas" and "rattling off a list of solutions including raising the minimum wage, expanding the earned income tax credit, leveling the playing field for union organizing in the workplace and improving access to college." LINK

The New York Post's Deb Orin ponders another Kerry presidential bid and naturally mentions Davos. LINK

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