The Note: Literally in Denial

Is Ken Blackwell starting to become a political liability in Ohio for the president?

"A federal judge ripped Ohio Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell yesterday for failing to comply with a court order regarding provisional ballots and for 'failure to do his duty,'" reports the Columbus Dispatch's Niquette. LINK

However, Judge Carr did side with Blackwell on voter ID guidelines. LINK

Actor Ed Norton did a little politicking yesterday in the Buckeye State. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Iowa:

The Los Angeles Times continues its look at the battlegrounds with today's look at the Hawkeye State. LINK

"Democrat Al Gore's victory in 2000 revealed changes in the state's political complexion. Gore won by a mere 4,144-vote margin, or two votes per precinct, as Republican canvassers like to say."

"The key to the shift: Nearly two-thirds of the counties won by President Clinton in 1996 went Republican in 2000; most were in rural areas."

Tom Beaumont and Lynn Campbell of the Des Moines Register report, "With the same hard-hitting sense of urgency, Bush and Kerry sought to weaken each other's standing as wartime leaders and domestic stewards." LINK

Campbell was with Bush and Beaumont was with Kerry. LINK and LINK

Vanessa Miller of the Iowa Press Citizen reports that Iowa counties have registered record numbers of voters, Noting that in 2000 Iowa's margin of victory was just over 4,000 votes. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Wisconsin:

The Bush campaign trotted out the 48,000-member Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation endorsement yesterday while the candidate was in the Badger State.

And the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports this: The Kerry campaign announced Wednesday it was starting a new TV ad in several Wisconsin media markets this week that accuses Bush of having "a secret plan to terminate the MILC program" and for fighting "for special deals for Halliburton, but (he) won't fight for Wisconsin dairy farmers." LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Minnesota:

Kerry heads to Minnesota today and Cheney is there tomorrow. LINK

Under the headline, "Bush rallies core supporters in Rochester," the Star Tribune looks at how the president appealed to his base in the Republican stronghold of Rochester yesterday. "Bush's and Kerry's latest Minnesota activity suggests that the candidates are shifting from chasing undecided voters to turning out their core constituencies in battleground Minnesota." LINK

Trust us: Both sides are going for both types of voters all the way until the end.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press ledes: "A laid-off factory worker, a first-time home buyer, a dairy farmer and a computer entrepreneur joined President Bush Wednesday to illustrate the successes of his tax and economic policies during a brief campaign stop in a hard-fought race to win Minnesota." LINK

The Minneapolis Star Tribune's Jean Hopfensperger looks at what families in Minnesota really want to hear from their presidential choices. LINK

The closely watched race for the 6th congressional district seat between Republican Rep. Mark Kennedy and Democratic challenger Patty Wetterling is still heating up. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: New Mexico:

It's Domenici vs. Richardson here. The Albuquerque Journal's Michael Coleman gets the top two partisans in the state to provide a must-read political geography lesson on the Land of Enchantment. LINK

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