The Note: Literally in Denial

The Washington Post 's Ann Gerhart looks at the KE04 efforts by seniors to get out the vote in Florida. LINK

We're not sure if the campaign has polled to make sure it is indeed still American's favorite pastime, but …

"Aides said Kerry stood up the entire time the Yankees were at bat in the ninth inning, his eyes glued to the screen. When the victorious Red Sox stormed the field, he told his staff, 'Now, I can sleep,'" reports Matea Gold of the Los Angeles Times. LINK

Is he still so nah-h-h-ce? After sticking to a optimism and positive populist rhetoric, John Edwards has shown himself to be plenty comfortable with "bare-knuckled rhetoric on the campaign trail these days," reports the Washington Post 's John Wagner. LINK

Rep. Barney Frank has begun airing ads to raise his profile in Massachusetts in preparation for a potential run for what could possibly be a vacated Massachusetts Senate seat should John Kerry win the presidency next Tuesday. LINK

Because the Bay State is not a battleground one, residents from Senator Kerry's home state have headed to other states to help get out the vote. LINK


"It is not something that occurs often in a political campaign, but Teresa Heinz Kerry offered an apology on Wednesday for saying Laura Bush had never had "a real job," writes the New York Times ' Kit Seelye. LINK

Read the last paragraph to find out, as others have, that Mrs. Bush was apparently less bothered by all this than Karen Hughes and Nicolle Devenish were.

Teresa Heinz Kerry's remarks and apology concerning Laura Bush's past employment is described by the Los Angeles Times' Rosenblatt as "a small campaign sideshow." LINK

"Kerry aides said they were a bit unnerved when they read Heinz Kerry's remarks," reports Pat Healy of the Boston Globe . LINK

The Washington Post 's Hanna Rosin Notes "if there is one taboo in campaign mud fights, it's girl-on-girl slaps." LINK

Deb Orin's headline writers have been waiting a while to use this: "Heinz in a Pickle." LINK

"Anyone who thinks that serving as first lady isn't a real job isn't ready for the job themselves," a Bush aide told the Washington Times on anonymity. "Does that put Mrs. Heinz Kerry in her place?" LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: casting and counting:

"Bowing to pressure from both political parties, the Pentagon says it will post on its Web site a federal write-in ballot that civilian and military voters alike can use overseas if their regular ballots fail to arrive in time," reports the New York Times ' Michael Moss. LINK

Good news for overseas voters, but this might create more headaches for elections officials at home.

"President Bush's campaign charged yesterday that fraudulent voting engineered by pro-Democratic groups could throw the election to John F. Kerry — a charge Democrats immediately attacked as a Republican smoke screen to justify the intimidation of minority voters on Election Day," report the Washington Post 's Jo Becker and Tom Edsall. Note: there is never a time when the use of "skullduggery" in a story is a bad thing. LINK

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