The Note: Bolten and Snow

The New York Times also reports that Rep. Jefferson and his family are the focus of the case and that the case allows Republicans to point to congressional corruption beyond their party. LINK

More from Jonathan Allen of The Hill: LINK

House Democrats are not going to call for Jefferson to resign, " writes Roll Call's John Bresnahan.

Politics of same-sex marriage:

Per the Associated Press, Massachusetts' Supreme Judicial Court will take up a challenge today about whether opponents of gay marriage can put the issue before voters in a ballot question. LINK

Ohio votes:

With nominees firmly in place, Joe Hallett and Mark Niquette of the Columbus Dispatch preview the Ohio gubernatorial election between two "unconventional" candidates. LINK

In a "sign of things to come," the Columbus Dispatch's Mark Niquette suggests that the primary loss of Jim Petro could indicate that for Ohio Republicans, traditional fiscal values could be taking a the backseat to social and religious issues. LINK

Had enough of "hanging chads" after the 2000 presidential election? Well, you might get used to the phrase "technical glitch." Ohio had it's first election without punch-card ballots and it did not exactly go smoothly, reports the Associated Press. LINK

2006: Governor:

What a difference television advertising can make! The Philadelphia News has the latest Keystone Poll numbers in the gubernatorial race showing Gov. Rendell opening up a 14 point lead over Lynn Swann in Pennsylvania. LINK

The Hill writes up a Wilson Research Strategies survey showing not such great affection for a Lynn Swann ad. LINK

Last night's debate between California Democratic gubernatorial hopefuls Phil Angelides and Steve Westly turned "into a mudfest. . . as the two Democrats splattered each other with accusations over taxes, credibility and their records as millionaire businessmen." LINK

Sparks were flying last night between Westly and Angelides as they "traded harsh personal attacks. . . in a bitter debate that said more about the candidates running for the party's nomination for governor than their views on the environment," report John Wildermuth and Carla Marinucci of the San Francisco Chronicle. LINK

Be sure to tune in next Wednesday for the third and final debate between the two contenders.

The battle between Angelides and Westly is helping Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, writes the Los Angeles Times' George Skelton. LINK

The Los Angeles Times' Michael Finnegan reviews Angelides' record as state treasurer and finds it to be a "study in contrasts": Angelides "has wielded the immense power of his job to mold society to his liking," while also "using his state job to fuel his collection of campaign money in a way that clashes with the image he has cultivated as a man guided by firm principles." LINK

Republican Jim Rappaport is running an undeclared primary campaign against Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey for the GOP's nomination for governor in Massachusetts, writes the Boston Globe's Joan Vennochi. LINK

Massachusetts Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Deval Patrick is under fire for his role as a director of Ameriquest Mortgage, reports the Boston Globe. LINK

Gov. Robert Ehrlich (R-MD) continues his all-out fight against a new early-voting law in his state, which he says could lead to fraud but Democrats say will merely make voting more convenient in the state's most populous communities -- which happen to also be heavily Democratic. LINK

2006: Senate:

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