The Note: Bolten and Snow

That NY1 News interview with Ed Rollins is getting some of that New York ink today we forecasted yesterday. LINK

Bill Adair and Adam Smith of the St. Petersburg Times have Sara Taylor, President Bush's political director, saying that state House Speaker Allan Bense (R-FL) "would be great in any office he ran for" in what appears to be "a subtle but unmistakable signal that the White House is getting more involved in the race for the Republican nomination." LINK

Analyzing the GOP calls for Bense to take on Katherine Harris, Keith Epstein and Kevin Begos of the Tampa Tribune Note that "Bense will face the need to raise perhaps $20 million, get himself known across the state, fight a tough primary battle, then an even tougher general election battle - all within a scant six months. And all in a year when political winds seem to be blowing against Republicans." LINK

Donald Lambro of the Washington Times writes of the woes of Rep Harris. With her approval rating down, all the national part could muster was a luke warm backing "until something happens to make the race different." LINK

Stu Rothenberg was slightly more to the point, calling her campaign "an utter, unabashed, unparalleled disaster" that "hasn't gotten off the ground and isn't likely to at any point this century."

Roll Call's Billings and Whittington write that two of the most vulnerable Republican Senators, Rick Santorum (R-PA) and Conrad Burns (R-MT), are getting major financial help from fellow Republicans.

The Philadelphia Daily News writes up the latest Keystone Poll showing Bob Casey, Jr.'s lead over Sen. Santorum down to six points. The director of the poll, Terry Madonna, attributes the narrowing of the gap -- in part -- to an increase in Casey's unfavorables. LINK

The Washington Post observes that former Navy Secretary James Webb Jr. has a "military emphasis" in his campaign for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate in Virginia. LINK

2006: House:

Per the Boston Globe, Democrats are hopeful about their prospects for retaking NH-01 after 24 years of Republican control. LINK

The Agency vs. The Bureau: Roll Call's Stephanie Woodrow looks at Michigan's 8th district House race, "where retired CIA agent Jim Marcinkowski (D) is taking on Rep. Mike Rogers (R), a former FBI agent."

Democratic turnout seems to have been up in Ohio, Indiana, and North Carolina on Tuesday, reports Roll Call's Lauren Whittington. Democrats contend that disillusioned voters came out to vote for change while Republicans countered that there are other factors and reasons.

2006: New Orleans:

In New Orleans, former mayoral candidate Rob Couhig is backing Ray Nagin for mayor, per the Times-Picayune's Kruppa and Russell. LINK

The Times-Picayune's Kruppa and Russell also write that the ad war in New Orleans has gone negative with Mitch Landrieu attacking Ray Nagin, saying that Nagin failed in restoring the city. Nagin's own attack ads target Landrieu's public career and his "political pedigree". LINK

A man in the Nagin ad says, "I'm not sure I want another Landrieu. I mean, how many Landrieus do we need to run the city and state?"

The New York Daily News writes up historian Douglas Brinkley's new book on the handling of Hurricane Katrina, which paints an unflattering portrait of Mayor Nagin's behavior during the crisis.

One passage describes Nagin holed up in the bathroom of Air Force One for so long the Secret Service finally kicked the door down. LINK

New Hampshire:

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