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In her package, NBC's Norah O'Donnell included Bush's "up in the air" comment to FNC's Sean Hannity and played Kerry's response from Boca Raton, FL.

CBS' Bill Plante said President Bush "isn't the least bit bashful about suggesting that the nation's security depends on the his re-election." "Asked in a FOX interview if the country could ever feel secure after 9/11, Mr. Bush echoed something he said earlier and later took back – that the war on terror could not be won." SOT from FOX. Kerry quickly responded to the remark. Plante noted "the President has distilled his speech down to five reasons to vote for him – the family budget, quality of life, retirement values, and very heavy emphasis on security."


NBC's Campbell Brown said there is a danger that Clinton will "overshadow" Kerry but the Kerry campaign is hoping Clinton will fire up African-Americans.

ABC's Dan Harris previews the states that the candidates will visit in the next week and notes they will both be enlisting star power, Clinton today for Kerry and Schwarzenegger for Bush some time this week.

CNN's Paul Begala discusses the Clinton factor on CNN's "American Morning". Begala says he's such a good analyst and strategist; why not tap in to that. He adds that Clinton talks to Kerry frequently. Republican strategist Joe Watkins says of course people like Clinton, but he will be playing to a Democratic stronghold in Philadelphia.


On CBS' "Early Show", Ed Gillespie says he doesn't know if the cache of explosives that have vanished from a site in Iraq is a serious matter and defers to the White House. Terry McAuliffe cites it as a perfect example of how Bush has made the nation less safe. When asked about the Clinton factor, McAuliffe says its important for Clinton to talk to the base of the party to remind them under his administration jobs were created, more cops were on the street, etc, and that's what Kerry will do. Gillespie counters that Kerry is hoping that Clinton can energize voters, but his name is not on the ballot.


On CBS' "Early Show" Craig Crawford says if Bush loses reelection, one the blunders they may point to is the decision of his campaign to keep him out of Ohio in the last few weeks. He calls it both a chess game and poker game, because there is a bunch of bluffing. He cites Kerry decision to campaign in Colorado last week to sort of lure the Bush campaign to spend more time there, but the truth is the Kerry campaign is pulling ads there.

On "FOX and Friends," Ed Rollins says Kerry's not made the sale. He adds it's really a pro-Bush vote or an anti-Bush vote at this point.


Howard Dean was asked if he would like to work in the Kerry Administration on Don Imus' show and played coy. "I find that those who pick their Cabinets before they get elected usually don't get to do so afterwards." Dean is holding a fundraiser tonight for a congressional candidate who is trying to unseat House Majority Leader Tom DeLay.


In a "Nick News" poll, Kerry beat Bush 57 to 43. Linda Ellerbee, the host of "Nick News," was interviewed on the CBS "Early Show."

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