The Note: A Lifetime in Politics

The Washington Post 's Williams and Harris write that the Kerry campaign's "willingness to use Clinton illustrates how, at least among target blocs of voters, the personal scandals of his term — which made his own vice president conclude that Clinton was a political burden — have receded since 2000, while memories of the robust 1990s economy still echo." LINK

The New York Times ' Jodi Wilgoren calls Clinton's appearance "a scene Democrats have been desperate for in the waning weeks of this fiercely fought campaign," and Notes CNN's cutaway when Kerry took the stage. Rove's response: "They had to roll Clinton out of the hospital room and onto the campaign trail to help Senator Kerry with his core constituencies that are so weak.'' Do not miss the quote from the telephone technician who took time off work in the middle of the day to attend the rally. LINK

The Miami Herald 's Clark, Brecher, and Mooney Piedra write up Clinton's Miami appearance, complete with bongo drums. LINK

"In the homestretch of his presidential campaign, Mr. Kerry has pivoted from raising questions about Mr. Bush's character to trying to add up for voters, in attention-taxing arithmetic, the effects of the president's policies — and say just how bad four more years of Mr. Bush would be for them,"

In this last week, John Kerry's campaign is all about the numbers — specifically, the tally of what Kerry deems the failures of the Bush Administration and the real and opportunity of what another Bush term would be like for voters, writes David Halbfinger of the New York Times . LINK

The Boston Globe 's Yvonne Abraham and Patrick Healy report "Kerry advisers were ecstatic with Clinton's performance — and more than a little relieved, after they saw him on 'Good Morning America' yesterday and thought he seemed thin and weak." LINK

He may not call them Rangers, but John Kerry takes care of his top political donors too. The Los Angeles Times takes a look. LINK

It's a must read on the West Side of both coasts.

ABC News Vote 2004: Florida:

For all your Clinton coverage: LINK

More early voting numbers from the I-4 corridor. LINK

And absentee voting numbers from the rest of the state. LINK

Gas prices in Florida have hit $2 a gallon. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Ohio:

The Cleveland Plain Dealer has decided not to repeat its endorsement of George W. Bush from 2000, but instead will sit out this election despite the fact that a "marjoity of the editorial board favored Kerry … " LINK

"'It's going to be a terrible eight days,' she said. 'I plan to have a nervous breakdown,'" said presidential mother and former First Lady Barbara Bush on the stump in Ohio. LINK

"Opponents of a state constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage debuted TV commercials Monday that call the proposal extreme and warn that its passage could be particularly harmful to senior citizens," reports the Cleveland Plain Dealer. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Pennsylvania:

There's no doubt the Kerry-Edwards campaign owns the Philadelphia news media this morning.

The front page of the Philadelphia Daily News is a smiling, waving, happy picture of Kerry and Clinton with a red banner reading "Why Philly Matters." Along the bottom of the page? A blue banner reading "Keystone Poll: 5-point Kerry Lead." LINK

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