The Note: A Lifetime in Politics

William Bunch of the Philadelphia Daily News follows with a story explaining why, "When you think of the reasons Billy and Philly are perfect together, you won't be able to imagine Clinton going anywhere else." LINK

It's almost as if KE04 PA's Mark Nevins wrote this line in Jill Porter's Philadelphia Daily News write up: "But if Bill Clinton was good at energizing the thousands of troops at the rally, John Kerry was — incredibly — better." LINK

The Philadelphia Inquirer describes Bill Clinton's welcome as one fit for a rock star. LINK

President Bush gets some coverage in Philly as well, for calling Senator Kerry "consistently and dangerously wrong" on issues of national security. LINK

The Tribune-Review reminds everyone that Bush and Cheney are both coming back to the Keystone State this week and where. LINK

A new Keystone Poll is out today and the Philadelphia Daily News leads its analysis with "Fear seems to be working for President Bush in Pennsylvania — but not quite well enough." Kerry is leading Bush 51 percent to 46 percent among likely Pennsylvania voters. LINK

Republican sweetheart Senator Elizabeth Dole rallied the party faithful in Luzerne County last night. LINK

James O'Toole serves up a must-read for anyone interested in Pennsylvania politics — his Pittsburgh Post-Gazette report explains the absolute vitality of winning the Philadelphia suburbs. LINK

Gov. Ed Rendell promises all military and overseas ballots received by Friday's deadline will be counted. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Iowa:

Thomas Beaumont of the Des Moines Register on Senator Kerry's promise to host a summit at ISU on the economy and healthcare in small-town America within 100 days of his inauguration. President Clinton held a similar summit there in 1995. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: New Hampshire:

Thomas Oliphant tries to explain why New Hampshire may be shifting. "New Hampshire is on the verge of slipping away from Bush — and his people are slightly less optimistic than Kerry's — the reason is that moderate voters in the state's suburban southern tier and along the seacoast, especially women, have begun to slip away." LINK

We wonder what kind of effect Laura Bush's e-mail with slightly less than 100% accurate directions to certain polling locations will have on turnout in the Granite State.

"A teaching guide encouraging Roman Catholics to vote in the Nov. 2 elections and outlining the church's position on social and moral issues will be distributed in all parishes this weekend," reports the Manchester Union Leader. LINK

The Union Leader also has a photograph of Kerry holding up eight fingers to signal the number of days left in the campaign. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: New Mexico:

Cultural issues such as same sex marriage and abortion are not driving voters to one presidential candidate or another in New Mexico, reports Steve Terrell of the Santa Fe New Mexican. LINK

Public safety and legal contingency plans are all in place in New Mexico just in case something goes awry on November 2. LINK

The Associated Press profiles one undecided voter in New Mexico who is not at all pleased with the situation in Iraq, but fears John Kerry thinks higher taxes and more government spending is the answer to the country's ills. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Colorado:

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