The Note: The Sport of King(s)

The poll also shows Schwarzenegger with a two-point lead over Westly in a hypothetical general election match-up and a seven-point lead over Angelides.

"Sidestepping California's campaign contribution caps, state Treasurer Phil Angelides is using a loophole in the law to tout himself in statewide mailings that promote a preschool initiative on Tuesday's ballot," reports the Los Angeles Times' Dan Morain. LINK


As if journalists did not have enough problems at the moment, John Harwood of the Wall Street Journal reports that Washington's A-list reporters have lost one of their most treasured annual parties: the Fed Fourth of July. With the departure of Chairman Alan Greenspan, the roof of the Fed building will no longer host the Gang for food and fireworks.


The Wall Street Journal's Wirey John Harwood reports that 41 percent of voters will be senior citizens in 2040, according to the Census reports.

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