The Note: Kissing Ben Nelson

The next night, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer will host a $250 per person ($1,000 if you want to VIP treatment) fundraiser at Stephan Weiss Studio in New York City. President Bill Clinton and Carly Simon headline the event.

Next Tuesday, June 13, Time Equities CEO Francis Greenburger hosts a $5,000/couple fundraiser with Sen. Clinton at a dinner at her Washington, DC residence.

If you like the idea of dining with Sen. Clinton, but do not like the idea of hopping on the Shuttle to do so in Washington, DC, fear not. You can have dinner with the Senator at the home of Bronson Van Wyck in New York City on June 23 for $4200/person.

The July 29 Saratoga event and the. . . wait for it. . . Hamptons weekend August 10 - 13 are sure to be enormous draws.

Sen. Clinton's campaign spokeswoman Ann Lewis says, "Thank you for Noting the breadth of support for Senator Clinton's re-election campaign. Today, Hillary will address more than 1,000 supporters from all over New York at a Women for Hillary lunch. She will speak about a number of issues of concern to New Yorkers, including the recent discovery by the Department of Homeland Security that NY has no national icons or monuments."


"The striking thing about Al Gore's appearance on ABC's "This Week" program Sunday was that he did not call for any sort of deadline-driven withdrawal from Iraq. Quite the opposite--he was careful to emphasize the potential of a pullout to make the situation worse," writes Slate's Mickey Kaus. LINK

"Gore might have said this because he didn't want to make news that would distract from his global warming pitch; he might have said it because he's willing to cede John Kerry the left in any presidential primary Iraq debate. But the most likely reason he said it is because he actually believes it, which will be highly disappointing to pro-withdrawal Democrats who have been pushing a Gore candidacy out of frustration with Hillary's pro-war stands. Turns out he's just another 'now-that-we're-there' Democrat."

The Schwarzenegger Era:

On the front page of the weekend edition of the Wall Street Journal, Christopher Cooper and Jim Carlton had Gov. Schwarzenegger saying: "I always like to win. I don't get hung up on ideology. Whatever it takes, I will do" in a piece that looked at the ways in which his "huge spending plans" have revived his fortunes in California while "irking" Republicans.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Democratic gubernatorial hopefuls are pulling out all the last-minute stops before Tuesday's primary. The paper has State Treasurer Phil Angelides bringing in ringers, Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer, to counter Westley's "Internet video appeal to young voters, putting it up on Yahoo's popular YouTube clip service." LINK

Robert Salladay and Seema Mehta have Sen. Feinstein "angrily denouncing" Westly as untrustworthy because of a television ad he has been running against Angelides. Campaigning with Angelides in San Francisco, Feinstein said the ad that "implied he had participated in the dumping of sludge into Lake Tahoe was 'dastardly' and 'false.' LINK

In a line that is sure to return in Schwarzenegger's fall campaign if Westly wins on Tuesday, Feinstein said: "'How could I ever trust someone who said that about this man?' she asked a union audience."

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