The Note: Signs of Relief

Griffith 3.7%

On Imus this morning, ABC News' George Stephanopoulos Noted that Bilbray's victory despite his current job as a lobbyist is especially disconcerting for the Democrats' hope to push the "culture of corruption" slogan in the mid-term elections.

The Los Angeles Times' Perry and Tempest write of much speculation on what Bilbray's win "may portend about the GOP's hold on Congress." LINK

While Noting that conservative talk show hosts "burned up Southern California airwaves this week with charges that Busby was encouraging illegal immigrants to vote," the Washington Post's Jonathan Weisman has one Democratic Party official saying: "she needed a flawless finish to pull this off." LINK

Bloomberg's Keil and Chipman Note that Bilbray's victory over Busby is encouraging news for Republicans, but it doesn't necessarily mean smooth sailing in November. LINK

Per the San Diego Union-Tribune, Republican Brian Bilbray knew all along that his "long focus on illegal immigration would pay off" against Democrat Busby. LINK

The AP's Allison Hoffman writes that Bilbray's close win will allow him to serve the remaining seven months of Cunningham's term and soon after will face Busby once again in November. LINK

The Schwarzenegger Era results:

Angelides 48%

Westly 44%

"While Tuesday's political stakes were high, voter interest in the primary was at a record low," write Marinucci, Martin, and Wildermuth of the San Francisco Chronicle. LINK

Steve Westly conceded to Phil Angelides at about 4:15 am ET. LINK

The first general election email fundraising appeal to hit our inbox from the Angelides campaign arrived 29 minutes later at 4:44 am ET.

The Los Angeles Times' Finnegan and Barabak lede with Angelides saying: "I will not let you down." LINK

The AP's Laura Kurtzman on Angelides' promise to "fight. . . for the California of our dreams" this November against Gov. Schwarzenegger. LINK

The Washington Post's Chris Cillizza sees yesterday's California results as helping Gov. Schwarzenegger since Angelides, in Cillizza's view, is a "traditional liberal with little natural charisma." LINK

In a must-read, Peter Nicholas of the Los Angeles Times reports that a revved up Gov. Schwarzenegger is "considering airing campaign ads this week, according to people familiar with his reelection bid." LINK

Question: does the incumbent's campaign go to war with Big Labor or try to divide and conquer?

The Los Angeles Times' Eric Bailey reports on ex-Gov. and Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown's (D-CA) primary win in his fight to return to statewide office for the first time in 20 years. LINK

Also, by a vote of 61% to 39%, California voters rejected Proposition 82, the universal pre-K initiative backed by Rob Reiner. LINK

2006: Montana results:

Tester 60%

Morrison 36%

In a sharp change from all preliminary polls, state senator Jon Tester "routed" state auditor John Morrison in the Democratic primary and will face Sen. Conrad Burns (R-MT) in November. The Billings Gazette has the story. LINK

From Burns' victory statement last night: "I know that reading the paper everyday has been hard on Republicans over the last 6 months. This election started early with some false attacks and mudslinging. As your Senator, I want you to know that I have done nothing wrong and I intend to continue to vigorously defend my record. And I want to thank you for the opportunity to set the record straight in the months ahead."

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