The Note: The Frogless March

The Los Angeles Times' Peter Wallsten and Tom Hamburger remind readers that even without an indictment, the leak investigation has "dealt serious political damage" to the President's credibility in the eyes of voters, which will not be rebuilt overnight -- or even, perhaps, by November. LINK

In describing how Rove can now focus on preparing his party for the midterm elections, the New York Times quotes New Hampshire Republican activist and baseball-metaphor lover Tom Rath saying Rove had been "on the disabled list; you see him in a uniform every day but you can't have him on the mound" -- now, says Rath, "he's back on the mound." LINK

The Washington Post's Dana Milbank seems to see Rove and the GOP "blooming from the political muck in which they have been mired." LINK


The Boston Herald's Kimberly Atkins looks at Rove off the hook and on the attack and has Kerry spokesman David Wade saying: "The closest Karl Rove ever came to combat was these last months spent worrying his cellmates might rough him up in prison." LINK

Writing under a "Frogs Aren't Marching" header, the Wall Street Journal's ed board writes that the mystery is "why Mr. Fitzgerald kept Mr. Rove twisting in the wind for so long."

Sen. Clinton was asked by ABC News on Tuesday for her reaction to Karl Rove not being indicted.

"Ugh," she said with a look that said everything, "I have noooo reaction."

Tuesday's primary contests:

In the Virginia Democratic Senate primary yesterday, James Webb defeated Harris Miller and earned himself the right to take on incumbent Sen. George Allen in November, the Richmond Times-Dispatch's Whitley reports. Whitley also Notes that the national Democrats are expected to pour money into the race to defeat Allen or at least dampen his presidential prospects in 2008. LINK

Ah, money indeed is the question.

With more than 99 percent of precincts reporting, Webb, a decorated Vietnam War veteran, scored a victory with 53 percent of the vote, while Miller had 47 percent, per the Washington Times. LINK

Sen. Kerry's role promoting Webb's Senate campaign makes it into the second graph of Michael Shear's front-page Washington Post recap of Webb's primary win. LINK

The Washington Post's Robert Barnes dubs the Allen-Webb race as the showdown at Macho Gulch between "the cowboy-booted Allen and the combat-booted Webb." LINK

The New York Times' Anne Kornblut Notices the 2008 overtones present in the Virginia Democratic Senate primary. LINK

Trailing by five percentage points (2,700 votes) with most precincts reporting, Maine GOP candidate Peter Mills refuses to concede to fellow gubernatorial candidate Chandler Woodcock. Mills waits for the final votes later this morning. LINK

(McCain goes 0-2 in GOP gubernatorial primaries this year.)

The State: "Sanford May Face Long Road Ahead" LINK

"Gov. Mark Sanford defeated challenger Oscar Lovelace in Tuesday's Republican primary for governor, but his margin of victory foreshadows what could be a difficult race for Sanford in this fall's general election."

Republican agenda:

Read every word of David Rogers' Wall Street Journal budget round-up, with his focus on the minimum wage increase and spending balance. A must read.

Democratic agenda:

USA Today's Kiely previews the Democratic herky-jerky domestic economic agenda rollout: LINK

Dean's Democrats:

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