The Note: This Gun's for Hire

ABC News' Jeffrey Kofman reports that the supervisor of elections will Fedex 'em if they have to.

Gov. Jeb Bush is encouraging poll watchers to challenge voters on Tuesday, the St. Pete Times reports. LINK

"'I don't think it will cause problems,' Bush said. 'I do think that people who are not eligible to vote shouldn't and the people who are should.'"

"The Florida Republican Party has not decided whether to instruct poll watchers to challenge voters Tuesday, spokeswoman Mindy Fletcher said."

The Miami Herald offers voters a checklist to avoid glitches at the polls. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: ballotwatch: Ohio:

The New York Times ' James Dao writes that a federal judge in Ohio on Wednesday issued a temporary restraining order blocking six boards of election in Ohio from investigating Republican-initiated efforts to take tens of thousands of voters of the rolls. LINK

Reports ABC News' Ellen Davis: "Motions for preliminary and permanent injunctions were filed in federal district court Wednesday in Cincinnati claiming that the questions asked of voters by challengers at the polls have a disparate impact on African American voters in Hamilton County and should therefore be prohibited. It was filed with the same judge who granted the Dems the temporary restraining order. She did not act on this one, and it has less likelihood of success."

Judge Dlott's ruling may be a temporary victory for the Democrats, but Republicans will no doubt have more Election Day challenges in light of the halted hearing process. LINK

Hamilton County poll workers are being trained like never before. LINK

Checkout the voter registration challenges by zip code chart that the Columbus Dispatch put together. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: ballotwatch:

Poet Matt Bai thinks that "roughly half the country will emerge from Tuesday's election suspecting that it was stolen," and delivers this operatic sentence about the state of pre-election litigation in his upcoming New York Times Magainze piece: "Gone are those innocent days when the Daleys and Kennedys tried to steal elections after the votes were cast; campaign lawyers, like cold-war theorists, have successfully adapted to the age of pre-emption."

With unprecedented levels of early voting, comes early voting problems. The Los Angeles Times takes a coast to coast look at some issues early voters have encountered thus far. LINK

Not the least of which are partisans applying their pressure. LINK

The Wall Street Journal 's Jackie Calmes and Jeanne Cummings offer a good overview — clip and save! — of the seven states where legal challenges could extend past Tuesday. LINK

Read and re-read the Ohio section!!!!!

The Los Angeles Times also provide an overview of the most prominent litigation currently underway. LINK

An district judge in Iowa dismissed a challenge to a ruling by the Secretary of State that provisional ballots cast outside home districts should count. LINK

Chris Churchill of the Morning Sentinel in Maine looks at the potential effect of "11-th hour registrants." LINK

The Chicago Tribune's "other" John McCormick does the same thing on Wisconsin and Minnesota voters. LINK

The Philadelphia Daily News gives us a taste of the lawyers and officials in Pennsylvania watching this election like hawks from now until its over. LINK

Chester County, one of those pesky highly-coveted Philadelphia suburban areas, will be using punch card ballots on Tuesday. LINK

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