The Note: Gone Fishing?

The Columbus Dispatch: "Ohio Lawmakers Show Partisan Split Over Value of Debate" LINK

The Cleveland Plain Dealer: "Kucinich: To the Streets, the Campuses, and Out of the Graveyards!" LINK

VPOTUS on Hannity:

In an interview on Sean Hannity's radio program, Vice President Cheney said Thursday that GOPers will prevail in the midterm elections because of a strong economy and the ability of the Bush Administration to prevent another terrorist attack. LINK

"You can't guarantee there won't be further attacks," said Cheney, "but I think the track record is remarkable."


Per the New York Times, House Democrats voted Thursday night to strip Rep. Jefferson of a key committee position "as they tried to avoid any taint of scandal in a year when they want to ride accusations of Republican corruption to election victories."LINK

Roll Call has Rep. Jefferson's reaction: "Unfortunately, Minority Leader Pelosi wants so badly to win leadership in the House that she has persuaded the Caucus to sacrifice my constituents -- who, after Katrina, need my leadership on my committee more than ever." LINK

Bloomberg News has Rep. Jefferson saying: "It's never happened before and the first time it's happened it is to an African-American … It does raise issues." LINK

Janet Hook of the Los Angeles Times explores the Congressional Black Caucus opposition to the overall Democratic caucus decision to remove Jefferson from Ways and Means. LINK

More from the Washington Post LINK; Washington Times LINK; and Hill LINK

The New York Times takes a closer look at the Office of General Counsel for the House of Representatives. LINK

Big Casino budget politics:

Linking the Iraq debate with the budget debate, the Wall Street Journal's David Rogers writes: "Congress sent President Bush billions of dollars more for the war in Iraq even as lawmakers debated into the night over how long the U.S. can afford to keep troops there."

The President signed what members of Congress hope will be the last emergency supplemental to fund the war. Due to the McCain amendment that passed 98-0 yesterday, the Administration will now be required to submit its war funding budget requests as part of the regular appropriations process. Here's the New York Times' Robert Pear. LINK

Most of the emergency spending bill approved yesterday will go toward the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but also to "storm-recovery costs," avian flu, and border security, reports the Washington Post's Shailagh Murray. LINK

Duluth News Tribune: "Emergency Bill Includes Darfur Money" LINK


Karl Rove granted only one New Hampshire interview in advance of his trip up there this week and that was to the conservative Victory NH citizen activist network. In the interview Rove declares Mike Pence's immigration plan as "an interesting approach." Rove also has some praise for Rep. Regula's (R-OH) approach to earmark reform. You can read the interview in its entirety here: LINK

Politics of immigration:

The Wall Street Journal's Wirey John Harwood reports that the WSJ/NBC poll shows that over half of all Americans now support President Bush's approach on immigration.

DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff stresses the importance of workplace immigration enforcement, in the form of an op-ed in the Washington Times. LINK

Bush Administration agenda:

Per Greg Hitt of the Wall Street Journal, President Bush will be pushing for further global trade talks during his visit to Europe next week.

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