The Note: Naughty and Nice


The North Korea narrative continues to block out the political sun on other storylines. And we still have no idea what it all means (WIAMs) for the midterms or 2008.

So/but to remind you (and them), here are both parties' dirty dozen to-do lists for the balance of the year:


1. Get the national security and taxes contrast machine (a/k/a "fog machine") out of the closet.

2. Deal with the immigration issue (somehow).

3. Figure out a backlash-free way to publicize the identities and records of the men and women who would chair committees if the Democrats take the House.

4. Figure out which newbie Democratic candidates running for open seats and against Republican incumbents have glass jaws (and get ready to smash those jaws).

5. Bring some troops home!!!

6. Figure out, without fingerprints, which rich friends of George W. Bush, Karl Rove, and Don Evans have $35 million to spend on "independent" expenditures.

7. Get through the September primaries.

8. Convince the television networks that the five-year anniversary of 9/11 is a bigger story than the one-year anniversary of Katrina.

9. Check state ballot access rules to see if it is possible to get the New York Times listed.

10. Clone Rudy and McCain and get them on the road.

11. Micro-target like mad, the Hazelwood way.

12. Do something about Rahm.


1. Check the heart rate of the AFL-CIO.

2. Get through the September primaries.

3. Find some consistent and credible national security spokespeople.

4. Proffer a message that the Gang of 500 will consider to be acceptable enough that they stop saying that Democrats don't have a message.

5. Learn to play together nicely.

6. Match the combined RNC/NRCC/NRSC cash-on-hand with the combined DNC/DCCC/DSCC cash-on-hand.

7. Convince the television networks that the one-year anniversary of Katrina is a bigger story than the five-year anniversary of 9/11.

8. Convince the blogosphere that taking back Congress may merit more attention than the effort to defeat Sen. Lieberman.

9. Clone Bill Clinton and Barack Obama and get them on the road.

10. Paging George Soros.

11. Do something about the process by which Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean get booked on the Sunday shows.

12. Enough with the endless, meaningless strategy conference calls.

The Big-Picture-Guy-in-Chief, President Bush, has quite the busy 60th birthday planned, including a sit-down taped interview with CNN's Larry King to be aired at 9:00 pm ET on CNN's "Larry King Live." The transcript of the interview is expected to be released at 7:00 pm ET by CNN and "Larry King Live."

President Bush also participates in a 10:15 am ET photo opportunity with the 2006 March of Dimes National Ambassador, a 10:40 am ET meeting with the Prime Minister of Canada, a 11:45 am ET press availability with the Prime Minister of Canada, and a 1:25 pm ET Oval Office meeting with the United States Ambassador to Iraq.

(The Canadian leader hopes to continue negotiations with the President on border security -- including passport rules -- and military involvement in Afghanistan, Bloomberg reports. LINK)

But that isn't all. President Bush then travels to Chicago, IL to share in a birthday dinner with Mayor Daley and "opinion leaders" (Did you get your invitation?) at 8:00 pm ET in The Windy City. The President is scheduled to remain overnight in Chicago.

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