The Party of National Insecurity

In an Ohio curtain raiser that calls her the 2008 Democratic frontrunner, Jonathan Rinskind and Jack Torry of the Columbus Dispatch have one former Clinton Administration official explaining Sen. Clinton's image by saying that she "caught a lot of flak that otherwise would have been directed at her husband . . ." LINK

Sen. Clinton is holding a series of meetings with top Wall Street executives, the Financial Times' Ben White reports, in an effort to convince potential donors that she is "a free-market centrist, not the tax-and-spend, protectionist liberal some Republicans paint her to be." LINK

Or: "Senator Who Represents Wall Street Meets with Constituents." A Sunday New York Post editorial urged Sen. Clinton to "emulate" Sen. Lieberman instead of "throwing erstwhile allies under an anti-war 'peace bus. . . '" LINK

In a column written for FNC's Web site, Susan Estrich of Fox News calls Sen. Clinton's Lieberman-Lamont positioning a low-cost way to appeal to the left without compromising her push to position herself as a centrist for the general election. LINK

In Saturday's Des Moines Register, Tom Beaumont characterized John Edwards' decision to say that he will support the Democratic nominee in the Connecticut race -- rather than endorsing Sen. Lieberman -- as "more evidence of the North Carolina Democrat's effort to project himself as an anti-war populist, after himself voting for the resolution that authorized President Bush's use of force in Iraq." LINK

Newsweek's Darman looks at John Edwards (somewhat) under-the-radar approach to the 2008 presidential contest. LINK

The Columbus Dispatch's Alan Johnson reports that John Edwards "got a rollicking reception" from ACORN members over the weekend as he pushed a hike in the state's minimum wage. LINK

More on Edwards from the Cleveland Plain Dealer's Aaron Marshall. LINK

And the AP's Erica Ryan. LINK

At 1:53 am ET, we received an email from "Draft Gore," an online group founded in 2002, asking us to join them as they renew their effort to "draft Al Gore for president by being one the first people to sign this national online petition asking him to be our candidate in 2008." LINK

In an unusual move for a politician, reports Roll Call's Mary Ann Akers, Sen. Kerry lionized potential Democratic opponent Al Gore by calling him "a visionary on climate change" in a recent email to supporters.

The Hotline's Marc Ambinder reported over the weekend that the (at least) $5 million that Warner's PAC will soon announce that it has raised this cycle for Democrats "puts him in the ballpark" of Sen. Clinton, "who has raised at least $7.5 million for Democrats" and John Edwards, "who has raised at least $6.5 million" while "everyone lags Sen. John Kerry, who has raised close to $14 million." LINK

In an early wedding present to Dan Pfeiffer, the AP's Mike Glover reports that Sen. Evan Bayh (D-IN), whose youthful candor, centrism, and astounding election record in a heavily Republican state make him an attractive candidate, is building an effective campaign machine and is fast making inroads in Iowa. LINK

Talking to party faithful yesterday, Sen. Bayh laid out his case for the White House by harkening his experience on the Senate Armed Services Committee and two terms as governor, suggesting they'd help him avoid "on-the-job training" in the Oval Office, reports the AP's Tim Coyne. LINK

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