Morning Show Wrap


ABC's Terry Moran said enthusiasm is what it's all about at this point in the race. Video included of Bush telling an Ohio reporter that he was unphased that Bin Laden has not been caught and that it's only a matter of time until he is caught.

ABC's Dan Harris reported that "unlike the President, who has a simple message—trust me to protect you from the terrorists—John Kerry believes he can and must walk and chew gum at the same time, politically speaking. So his closing argument has two parts: he can do better on national security and the economy. Harris noted the Red Skins defeat.

GMA played extensive sound from Chelsea Clinton's appearance on the trail on Saturday afternoon, as well as sound from Jenna and Barbara Bush and Lynne Cheney introducing her granddaughter in a skeleton costume as "John Kerry's health plan."

GMA's picture of the morning was Rove, Bartlett, Hughes, and McClellan in duck hunting garb.

NBC's Norah O'Donnell said today will be Bush's longest day.

NBC's Carl Quintanilla one final schedule appearance in Florida before moving on to what his campaign believes is the real battleground: Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan. Quintanilla noted the Red Skins win and the history. Quintanilla said Kerry will end his day with a 2 am rally in Wisconsin. "There will be no 24-hour blitz to the finish this year.

CBS' Bill Plante introduced his package saying the campaign is saying "the key to victory now is turnout." Plante featured Bush advisors in duck hunting garb and sound from Norman Schwarzkopf.

CBS' Julie Chen reported that nearly two million Floridians will have voted by tomorrow. CBS' Jim Acosta Noted from Florida that if Kerry "wins here, his chances are bright."


NBC's Campbell Brown did a rare piece on Senate races for "Today." Among the races looked at were the ones in South Dakota, Alaska, Colorado and Kentucky. Charlie Cook said the Democrats basically have to "run the table" to recapture control. "That happens from time to time. But not very often." Brown noted that Colorado's Democratic Senate candidate, Ken Salazaar, who is "running as a centrist," refused to appear with Kerry until two weeks ago.

On "Imus," Sen. John McCain predicted that Republicans would "probably pick up one or two races.

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