The Note: Bringing It Home

The final pitches, church visits, and Sunday morning talk show jabs all make it into the excellent campaign wrap provided in the Los Angeles Times by tireless superstars Matea Gold and Maura Reynolds. LINK

Josh Getlin of the Los Angeles Times takes a look at the pulpit politics on display yesterday. LINK

Anne Kornblut of the Boston Globe reports on President Bush and Sen. Kerry's final push -- pulling out all the stops and joined by activists all across the country. Kornblut Notes, "partisans on both sides expressed unease as they scoured the political landscape for evidence of momentum in the race, still tight despite $600 million in advertisements and the largest grass-roots effort to mobilize voters in recent memory." LINK

The Los Angeles Times explores married white women who never went to college as one demographic holdout which could prove decisive tomorrow. LINK

Mark Z. Barabak of the Los Angeles Times takes a fascinating look back at all the truisms of presidential politics that were completely debunked this cycle and Charlie Cook thinks it has something to do with the level of interest and passion on the part of the electorate. LINK

The Wall Street Journal's Jeff Zaslow takes an adorable look at campaign parents -- particularly the adorable Mehlmans and Bianchis (and Mrs. Eisenhauer), Noting that the legions of unmarried political operatives will have their parents to come home to after a possible loss. LINK

"No single campaign issue has defined the presidential candidates' differences more clearly than the war in Iraq. Yet it seems that whoever wins Tuesday's election will steer a remarkably similar course in the troubled country," write Marshall and Rubin of the Los Angeles Times. LINK

On the day before the election, Kerry pens an op-ed piece in his hometown paper -- the Boston Globe -- today, laying out the choice before America's voters tomorrow -- it strays not from his stump speech. "In the closing days of this campaign, I ask Americans to choose the vision John Glenn embodies and Christopher Reeve never abandoned." LINK

Marc Racicot, chairman of the Bush-Cheney campaign, writes the Republican response. LINK

"Voters face a clear choice on Tuesday. A choice between greater freedom for individuals and families or more power in the hands of the federal government. A choice between steady, principled leadership in the war on terror or uncertain leadership that sends mixed signals to our allies, our enemies, and our men and women in uniform."

The Boston Globe's Peter Canellos visits the Rust Belt and reports, "[V]oters here, as elsewhere, seem torn." LINK

Curt Schilling may be out on the campaign trail with President Bush, but Sen. Kerry is not being totally dissed by his hometown team. Patrick Healy of the Boston Globe Notes the support of the team's three leaders. LINK

Editor and Publisher's Greg Mitchell sends along his final endorsement tally: LINK

208-199, Kerry, with 44 switches from Bush in 2000. Another 16 papers for Bush in 2000 have declared their neutrality.

The analysts:

On Good Morning America, ABC's George Stephanopoulos said that both campaigns honestly believe they are going to win, based on their "very different" models of who is going to turn out. "Both of them have an eerie confidence," Stephanopoulos. "Democrats say 110, 115, 120 million are going to voteā€¦ and these new voters are going to carry them to victory. Republicans say no way: We know who are base is. They're going to come out."

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