The Note: Running in a New Direction

"Kansas GOP Seeking One Moore Shot," Roll Call on today's vote on a GOP candidate to challenge Rep. Dennis Moore (D-KS) in KS-03.

Sen. Lieberman's primary politics:

"In a key primary, MoveOn's revolt divides Democrats, liberal online group backs Sen. Lieberman's rival over stance on Iraq war mobilizing the 'Netroots'," Wall Street Journal's Jeanne Cummings turns in a front page story on the role played by Tom Matzzie and Eli Pariser in helping Ned Lamont challenger Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-CT). LINK

"Connecticut Primary Draws Fence-Sitters," New York Times on the 6,715 voters who have changed their registration from unaffiliated to Democrat. LINK

"As Primary Nears, Voters Join Democratic Party," Hartford Courant. LINK

"Running Silent," Hartford Courant reports that Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-CT) and his campaign staff refuse to discuss the circulation of petitions supporting a third-party bid should he lose the Democratic primary next week. LINK

"Big Names in a Big Race," Hartford Courant reports that Lieberman and Lamont have both stepped up their campaigns with stumps at inner-city Churches followed by appearances with prominent Washington Democrats as the primary draws near. LINK

"Bush Baggage Could Cost Lieberman Primary," Los Angeles Times, in which Ron Brownstein takes leave from his book leave to weigh in. LINK

"A Primary Lesson for Lieberman," the Washington Post's E.J. Dionne on a Democratic Party that "desperately wants to go on offense," saying that Lieberman has to back down on his war stance to win the primary, which, The Note would guess, his friends have been telling him for weeks. LINK

Castro politics:

"Castro's Health Crisis Could Transform Island, Exiles Here," Miami Herald reports on Cuban leader Fidel Castro's recent and temporary surrender of power due to his medical emergency. LINK

"A Prelude: Miami Streets Burst with Spontaneous Joy," more from the Miami Herald about citizens' reactions to the news. LINK

Long before Castro's current health situation, James Fallows speculated in the pages of the Atlantic in a faux memo about what would happen if Castro were to die before 2008. LINK

Bush Administration agenda:

"Bush Calls Attack on Qana 'Awful,' but Refrains From Calling for Immediate Cease-Fire," New York Times LINK

"Bush Touts His Economics," Los Angeles Times. LINK

"On Miami Trip, Bush Team Addresses Storm Readiness," New York Times. LINK

Minimum wage and the estate tax:

"Drama in the Senate: Rich Plan, Poor Plan," Washington Post on Senate disagreement between a higher minimum wage and a lower estate tax LINK

"Strickland, Brown backed wage bill despite section cutting estate taxes," Cleveland Plain Dealer on Ohio Senate candidate Rep. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) and gubernatorial contender Ted Strickland's (D-OH) decision to back a minimum wage increase tied to an estate tax cut. LINK

"Editorial: Bad Bargain: Senators shouldn't be cowed by the House effort to hold a minimum wage increase hostage to cutting estate taxes," Washington Post LINK

"Maximum cynicism: The House minimum-wage plan is a poison pill," Pittsburgh Post-Gazette believes it is counterproductive to raise the minimum wage while cutting the estate tax. LINK

Plan B:

"Plan B Pill May Be Approaching Wider Release," Los Angeles Times on religious conservatives peeved by the FDA proposal of the over-the-counter "morning after" pill. LINK

Politics of immigration:

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