The Note: Gone Fishin' (2006)

The Lieberman campaign has launched a 60-second television ad of the Senator talking straight to camera explaining why he intends to stay in the race. The campaign expects the ad will be running at least through early next week and possibly longer and claims to have put a substantial buy behind it, running on all the major broadcast networks. The spot was produced by outgoing Lieberman media pal Carter Eskew, before he and the campaign parted ways.

In the spot, Lieberman bemoans the politics of partisanship and polarization and reasserts his call for a politics of unity and purpose. Lieberman also says, "And I'm staying because I want to help end the war in Iraq -- in a way that brings stability to the Mideast and doesn't leave us even more vulnerable."

"Lieberman, on the Offensive, Links Terror Threat and Iraq ," the New York Times. LINK

"Independent Lieberman says he can now be himself," the Associated Press on Lieberman's independent bid, which he says "gives me the opportunity to be what I always have been -- an independent Democrat." LINK

"Democrats Knifed Lieberman on Eve of Airliner Plot," Wall Street Journal's Daniel Henninger. "The $$$enate race: Who backed who," New York Daily News on who backed Lamont and Lieberman respectively. LINK

Lieberman vs. Lamont: op-eds and editorials:

"No leftist purge of Lieberman," Scot Lehigh's Boston Globe column. LINK

"Short-Term Gain, Long-Term Pain," the Washington Post's Charles Krauthammer on the "desolation" facing Democrats in the long term if they follow Ned Lamont's "endless accommodationism." LINK

"Why the Nation Won't Go As Connecticut Went," thoughts from USA Today founder Al Neuharth. LINK

"Facing the fight: Now is no time to go wobbly," the Union Leader's ed board demands a "strong, competent and clear-sighted Democratic Party to counter the bumbling Republicans." LINK

Politics of Iraq:

The Wall Street Journal's Washington Wire reports that one option being considered by U.S. military leaders, dubbed "the indirect approach," would shrink the U.S. force "to about 50,000 troops from 130,000. The U.S would double the number of advisers and use savings to equip Iraqis."

"Both sides agree no major change -- or troop reduction -- will take place before next month's Ramadan or November U.S. elections."

Bush Administration agenda:

"President Remains Eager to Cut Entitlement Spending," Washington Post in a headline that the Campaign for America's Future and Americans United will love. LINK

At a time of piece, this story would be a mega must read.

On Thursday, Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ), Rep. Sandy Levin (D-MI), and pollster Guy Molyneux joined representatives of Campaign for America's Future on a conference call intended to brief the press on how "Social Security's guaranteed benefit is at stake in this years midterm election." In honor of the upcoming 71st birthday of the Social Security system -- and in an effort to thwart what they consider the "privatization" of Social Security -- CAF is releasing a comprehensive report on the Social Security positions of candidates across the country. For its part, Americans United is planning television spots in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Florida, and Montana on Social Security. LINK

2006: House:

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