The Note: Putting Politics Aside


After long suggesting that the President would not speak on Monday's terror attack anniversary, the White House this morning asked the networks for time for Mr. Bush to address the nation that evening at 9:00 pm ET from the Oval Office.

The talk will last 16-18 minutes and "will not be political in nature," according to the White House, which says it will be a "commemorative address on the 5th anniversary of 9/11."

Click here for rapid-response essays from Sid Blumenthal, Howard Dean, Harry Reid, and Al Franken on what they think of the Administration's announcement and the President's planned remarks: LINK

Sober with his vast power, President Bush hits the campaign trail today, but will remain mostly out of view. The President emphatically told ABC News' Charles Gibson yesterday that he is not a liability on the campaign trail and asserted his fundraising prowess as proof.

You can check out Charlie's interview with the President here: LINK

The Campaigner-in-Chief heads to Clarkston, MI for a closed press fundraiser for Mike Bouchard's Senate campaign at 1:30 pm ET. Mr. Bush then travels to Kansas City, MO for a 5:55 pm ET closed press fundraiser for Sen. Jim Talent's (R-MO) reelection effort.

Vice President Cheney makes (closed press) remarks at 4:30 pm ET at the Harvard Club in Boston, MA for "Massachusetts State Victory 2006." Gov. Romney plans to attend. LINK

White House Press Secretary Tony Snow briefs the press at 11:30 am ET. ABC News' Z. Byron Wolf reports, "More than two years after releasing Phase I, the Senate Intelligence Committee has voted to release two of the five chapters of its "Phase II" assessment of the intelligence leading up to the war in Iraq. The chapters will be released by noon ET at LINK

More Wolf: "The new report is expected to compare pre-war assessments of Iraq's WMD capabilities with post-war findings and assess how the intelligence community used information provided by the Iraqi National Congress. Look for Democrats to use these chapters as ammunition to resurrect their 'Americans were mislead into Iraq' line of attack. The unfinished chapters that won't be released tomorrow, however, could be even more divisive when they are finally completed. Those include a look at the role of Douglas Feith's Office of Special Plans at the Pentagon, the use of intelligence by political appointees in public statements, and a 'pre-war assessment on post-war Iraq.'

The Associated Press has more: LINK

Gov. Schwarzenegger (R-CA) holds a 1:00 pm ET media availability in Santa Monica, CA where he will likely be asked about his controversial remarks captured on audio tape and reported by the Los Angeles Times. LINK

Gov. Romney addresses a 11:30 am ET luncheon sponsored by the Midland County Republican Party in Midland, MI.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg (R-NYC) delivers a report on lower Manhattan and New York City's progress five years after 9/11 at 9:30 am ET in New York City.

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