The Note: The Pop-pop and Mom-mom Parties

CQ reports that although Bob Ney has agreed to plead guilty to felony corruption charges, "neither the Republican leadership nor its Democratic counterparts are prepared to forcibly expel the lawmaker -- though most say they want the Ohio Republican to resign immediately."

The Columbus Dispatch's Torry reports that the Ohio Republican House conference of Rep. Deborah Pryce (R-OH), Rep. Pat Tiberi (R-OH) and Rep. David Hobson) say that Rep. Bob Ney (R-OH) should quit. LINK

Thomas Beaumont writes that the First Lady will campaign in Iowa next week. She will attend a luncheon on the 28th for Jeff Lamberti, the Republican challenger in Iowa's 3rd district. While there, she will also campaign for Republican Mike Whalen in the 1st district. LINK

More on the First Lady's upcoming trip to Iowa. LINK

The Des Moines Register's Tom Witosky writes that the NRCC has spent 25% of a $780,000 expenditure opposing Democrat Bruce Braley in Iowa's 1st district. Braley is running against Republican businessman Mike Whalen. The NRCC has not spent any money supporting Whalen. LINK

John Distaso's column, "Granit Status" reports that Rep. Charlie Bass (R-N.H.) is trying to appear unaffiliated in his most recent TV ads, saying "In Washington, Republicans weren't happy when I led the fight to oust Tom DeLay. Democrats didn't like it when I supported tax cuts for businesses and working families." The state Democratic Party said it was "nice try," but his voting record puts him right in line with GOP leadership. He also writes that several '08ers are visiting New Hampshire next week, including Warner, Richardson, Bayh, and Vilsack. LINK

The New York Daily News writes up the (left-leaning) Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington report naming Rep. John Sweeney (R-NY) as one of the 20 most corrupt national lawmakers. LINK

Politics of immigration:

Deal or no deal, Part I.

As the debate moves forward, the fate of the border security fence measure in the Senate remains unclear, reports the New York Times. LINK

It's not clear if the a bill requiring voters to show a valid photo identification passed yesterday will move in the Senate. The vote was almost entirely along party lines in the House, with Republicans arguing the bill fights illegal immigration while Democrats countered that it would disenfranchise voters. LINK

Funding shortages and problems with immigration control are two roadblocks hindering the forward progress of 6,000 miles of virtual fencing along the US border, reports the Washington Post. LINK

With an eye on the midterms congressional Republicans sought to par their domestic fall agenda as the House churned out one freshly minted bill after another determined to showcase the party's stance on illegal immigration, writeth David Rogers in the Wall Street Journal. LINK

The Wall Street Journal's ed board looks at "The Great Wall of America," and takes House Republicans to task for their immigration emphasis.

Politics of detainees:

Deal or no deal, Part II.

The Greenville News reports that Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham's fight to modify the Bush Administration's bill for interrogating and trying terror suspects has been the "catalyst" for "dissident conservatives" to begin discussing "the possibility of wooing Ambassador David Wilkins to challenge his 2008 re-nomination." LINK

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