The Note: Mistakes Were Made

The Washington Times has former House Speaker Newt Gingrich defending the response of Republican leaders while appearing Sunday on "Fox News Sunday": "There was nothing sexual in those [e-mails]. They had him counseled. They had the head of the page program, [Illinois Republican Rep. John] Shimkus, talk to [Mr. Foley] very directly. And I think they thought it was over," Mr. Gingrich said on "Fox News Sunday. The newest incident only surfaced when ABC News interviewed Foley, and he resigned within two hours, or I think the House leaders would have moved to expel him." LINK

Republican strategist Rich Galen, at says: "Here's what should happen. Tomorrow: Speaker Hastert should contact Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and ask her to appoint three senior Democratic Members of the House to match the three senior Republican Members of the House that Majority Leader Boehner will appoint." LINK

Outraged Democrats:

Rep. Dale E. Kildee (D-MI), the Democratic member of the House Page Board, issued a statement on Saturday saying "any statement by Mr. Reynolds or anyone else that the House Page Board ever investigated Mr. Foley is completely untrue."

"I was never informed of the allegations about Mr. Foley's inappropriate communications with a House Page," Kildee continues in his statement, "and I was never involved in any inquiry into this matter. The first and only meeting of the House Page Board on this matter occurred on Friday, September 29 at approximately 6 p.m., after the allegations about Mr. Foley had become public."

The New York Times has Pelosi spokeswoman Jennifer Crider alleging that Hastert "seemed 'more concerned by who revealed the Republican leadership's cover-up of Mr. Foley's Internet stalking' than about the pages."



More on the Democrats' strategy to show they are just as strong, if not stronger than Republicans on issues like protecting children from Raymond Hernandez on the New York Times.


Adam Liptak takes a look at the laws available to prosecutors and the jurisdictions that may be involved.


The Wall Street Journal's David Rogers reports that Rep. Kildee said Rep. Shimkus "told him last week he felt 'broken hearted' about the matter. 'Absolutely there should have been a page board meeting,' Mr. Kildee said." LINK

In a letter to the Republican chairman and ranking Democrat on the House Ethics Committee on Sunday, Pelosi urged the Ethics Committee to put the GOP House leadership under oath.

"The fact that Mr. Foley was engaging in this behavior with underage children, that the Republican Leadership knew about it for six months to a year and has characterized the inappropriate behavior as 'overly friendly' and 'acting as a mentor' and that apparently no action was taken to protect these underage children is abhorrent," wrote Pelosi.

Peter Welch, the Democrat running against Republican Martha Rainville for the Vermont at-large seat being vacated by Rep. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), issued a statement this morning challenging his Republican opponent to follow Rep. Shays' lead.

Wendy Wilde, the DFL candidate running in the third congressional district of Minnesota,, called for Hastert's resignation for "covering up for sexual predators" on Sunday. Wilde wants Rep. Jim Ramstad (R-MN) to call for Hastert's resignation as well.

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