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New York Times columnist Tom Friedman writes his "fervent wish" is for the GOP to lose both House and Senate to the Democrats by one seat in each chamber. Winning by that slim of a margin, Friedman continues, would force Democrats to govern from the center and it would give "some electoral shock treatment delivered to a Republican Party that has failed to demand even the most minimal competence and planning from its leaders." LINK

2006: House:

It's not Mark Foley, but Iraq that is the front and center issue as Bruce Braley (D-IA) and Mike Whalen (R-IA) battle for the 1st Congressional District seat in Iowa. And as The Des Moines Register reports the talk is getting tough. LINK

Fiscal issues remain prominent in the battle between Republican Michele Bachmann and Democrat Patty Wetterling in the race to fill Minnesota's 6th congressional district reports the Minneapolis Star Tribune. LINK

Per the New York Times' Jonathan Hicks, the DCCC's recent ad against Rep. Sweeney, which criticizes him for the Iraq war and links him to the President, is the first ad bought by the DCCC in New York's 20th congressional district race, and according to Hicks, "also the latest indication that the party sees the seat as winnable." LINK

2006: Senate:

Keying off of the political troubles of Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ), Bloomberg News reports that if Democrats just barely miss taking back the Senate, they may blame Gov. Jon Corzine (D-NJ). LINK

Per the AP (via the New York Post), Ned Lamont, who trailed by 10 percentage points in a recent poll, donated $500,000 to his own campaign this week, an aide said, spending $6,751,500 so far. LINK

The Hartford Courant on the same: LINK

Minnesota Republican Senate candidate Mark Kennedy believes that his background as an accountant makes him the best candidate to help balance the federal budget, reports the Minneapolis Star Tribune. LINK

The Washington Post on Sen. Clinton endorsing Webb as the two Virginia candidates spar over the women's vote. LINK

The Hill's Jonathan Kaplan writes that Jim Webb (D-VA) considers Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-NE) and former Sen. Bob Kerrey (D-NE) among his political confidants. LINK

Following yesterday's Maryland Senate debate, the Washington Post writes that the "physical differences" between the two candidates "were impossible to miss -- Steele, 47, 6-foot-4 and looking polished in a designer suit; Cardin, 62, short and a bit portly in standard dark pinstripe, looking every bit the bookish legislative technician." LINK

2006: Governor:

Today's Boston Globe's front page reads: "Healey, Patrick Blast Away." Frank Phillips and Scott Helman Note the fireworks in round two of the gubernatorial fight. LINK

The Cleveland Plain Dealer's Naymik reports that Ohio Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Blackwell released his plan to change Ohio's tax system by eliminating the nine income-tax rates and implementing a single rate of 3.25 percent. LINK

Florida's Herald Tribune reports that "weeks after his opponent began airing ads and trailing in the polls, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jim Davis said he would launch the first television commercials of his general election campaign, promising to overhaul the FCAT and to lower property taxes." LINK

The Schwarzenegger Era:

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