The Note: Bugging Indecisions

The Way to Win: Taking the White House in 2008, the new Random House book by Mark Halperin of ABC News and John F. Harris of the Washington Post, is now a top 100 book on Amazon in its first week of release. LINK

But if you are

-- a parent who wants John Harris' three beautiful children to be able to go to the college of their choice; or

-- a liberal who would like The Way to Win to pass Bill O'Reilly's book; or

-- a conservative who would like The Way to Win to overtake works by David Corn and Al Gore; or

-- an ironist who would like to see Halperin and Harris climb over authors such as Albom, Grisham, Chomsky, Ephron, Musharraf, and Steven King….

….Then now is your chance to buy a copy of The Way to Win and prove that Note readers can move the needle. LINK

The book is based on interviews about political strategy with Bill Clinton, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, and many others, and includes extensive reporting on Hillary Clinton, Matt Drudge, Al Gore, John Kerry, and the other leading figures in today's world of presidential campaigns.

Buy copies here now before noon ET today and watch your cumulative efforts in action. (With apologies -- and homage -- to Joe Trippi.) LINK

The book has been featured on Good Morning America (watch the segment here under "BOOK EXCERPTS" LINK), Imus (LINK and LINK), and, tonight, on Charlie Rose. LINK

Publishers Weekly says about The Way to Win: "Though very topical, the book's comprehensiveness should make it a lasting piece of scholarship—an in-depth, indefatigable examination of American media and politics at the turn of the millennium." LINK

The dispassionate Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post seems to like it to. LINK

And the Post has an excerpt from the book. LINK

If you missed Halperin and Harris on NPR's Fresh Air, you can hear them here. LINK

Halperin and Harris appear to be everywhere promoting their book.

Today's appearances include Halperin at noon at the Makor/Steinhardt Center of the 92nd Street Y at noon at 35 W. 67th Street in Manhattan and both gentlemen on Lou Dobb Tonight on CNN around 6:30 pm ET. LINK

At the latter appearance, don't mishear: the two authors won't be saying "boooo" -- they will be saying "Looooouuuu."

2006: landscape:

Adam Reilly of the Boston Phoenix wonders what kind of October Surprise Karl Rove may have up his sleeve. LINK

2006: House:

Here are a bunch of House race poll numbers for you, but they are Zogby numbers so many of you will take them with a grain of salt. LINK

Bloomberg News' Litvan wonders if Rep. Heather Wilson's (R-NM) independent voting streak might be enough to maintain her support from moderates despite the current public disaffection with President Bush and his party. LINK

Chuck Muth, the former executive director of the Nevada Republican Party, writes that former Reid spokeswoman Tessa Hafen, a Democratic candidate for Congress against Jon Porter, "may be 'green,' but she's tough, holding her own in a vicious and increasingly petty campaign. Venturing into territory usually avoided by seasoned campaign pros, Ms. Hafen (and Mr. Reid) has raised questions about Mr. Porter's marital woes (he's recently divorced, for the second time). The Porter campaign has responded in kind, focusing on the dubious issue of Ms. Hafen's residency. Her eight years in Washington, they impute, makes her a feckless carpetbagger (despite being born and raised in the district)."

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