The Note: Denny's Grand Slam (cont'd.)

Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX) became the latest politician to donate Foley funds, reports the Dallas Morning News. LINK

Another article analyzes how the Foley fallout is affecting the district 7 race between Rep. Curt Weldon and Navy vet Joe Sestak. Sestak, using the power of military metaphor, says that Weldon should join him in asking Hastert to resign. A rep for Weldon said "there may come a time" when he would do that, but not now. LINK

Foley: the Kolbe angle:

The New York Times' Zeleny and Kirkpatrick confirm the Washington Post's reporting on a page in Rep. Kolbe's office -- as far back as 2000 -- expressing discomfort about interaction with Rep. Foley. Kolbe had no comment when reached by phone in Europe, but promised a forthcoming statement. LINK

Billy House of the Arizona Republic reports on Rep. Raul Grijalva's (D-AZ) criticism of Rep. Kolbe's actions when Notifying ex-Rep. Foley years ago stating that the "pipeline should be straight to the leadership." Democrat congressional candidate Gabrielle Gifford agrees that Kolbe "should have alerted the authorities" and if not, "he has a lot of explaining to do." LINK

Foley: the alleged drunk dorm incident:

ABC's Jake Tapper reports that GOPers "have assailed the Foley story -- ludicrously, with no evidence -- as being some nefarious plot between ABC News and their political opponents. The insinuation is that these electronic communications were held until this last month before election day. LINK

But all of this ignores the fact that Brown-Waite -- a loyal, conservative Republican -- conducted her own investigation and found evidence of Foley's behavior that had NOTHING TO DO WITH ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION."

Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite (R-FL) told ABC News: "Even though the e-mail exchange could be perceived to be innocuous in nature, as a member of Congress who has consistently fought to protect children from predators and who also values the page program, I thought it was incumbent upon me to look further into this matter," she says. "Therefore on Thursday evening I initiated my own investigation. I discovered that Congressman Foley had made some pages uncomfortable."

2006: landscape:

ABC News' Jake Tapper looked at the battle for security moms on "Good Morning America."

"Moms are up for grabs. Why? Largely, the war in Iraq," reported Tapper based on the latest ABC News/Washington Post polls.

Tapper summed up thusly: "So married mothers with children might be the key to the balance of power in Washington, DC. The big question in Washington, DC - who's going to take control of the Congress this November - as my father used to say, 'go ask your mother'"

Politics of North Korea:

"North Korea's claimed explosion of its first nuclear bomb yesterday gave Republicans something that they have been seeking desperately for more than a week: a respite to the near-saturation coverage of the" Foley scandal, writes Josh Gerstein of the New York Sun. LINK

Gerstein includes GOP consultant Mike Murphy predicting Republicans will lose the House in November and Democratic consultant Chris Lehane asserting "this is the election where the Republicans jump the national-security shark."

The New York Post's John Podhoretz hopes -- but doesn't expect -- partisan politics remain clear of the North Korean issue. LINK

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