The Note: Asking Ourselves Questions

The New York Times' Rutenberg writes up President' Bush's two-pronged press conference rhetorical blast -- on terrorism and taxes -- leading to a presidential prediction of Republicans hanging on to their majorities in the House and Senate. LINK

The New York Times Notes the President's presser was largely focused on North Korea and Iraq -- which was likely according to plan. LINK

The Los Angeles Times saw President Bush avoiding Foley at his presser while skillfully managing to focus on issues that may benefit his party this November. LINK

Richard Wolf of USA Today breaks down what the President's announcement on deficit numbers means. LINK

The AP has more: LINK

The Washington Times' Stephen Dinan and Joseph Curl highlight President Bush's vow to follow through on building 698 miles of wall along the US-Mexico border while saying that the Department of Homeland Security "will decide where and that he wants sensors and cameras to watch the border." LINK

Washington Post: LINK

New York Post: LINK

The New York Post ed board champions President Bush's economic news on deficit cutting. LINK

Hillary Clinton does the New York Daily News ed board:

On Sen. McCain's recent criticism on the Clinton Administration's approach to North Korea: "Sen. Clinton bristled at the comments by McCain, who could be her presidential competition in 2008. 'It's political calculation,' she said. 'His embrace of President Bush's policies in Iraq, secret prisons, North Korea, is political and he's giving up his political independence.'" LINK

On the President's North Korea policy: "This policy of the current administration is no carrots and no sticks, and the rabid rabbit is charging full speed ahead with no effective restraint."

On Iraq: "If we could get some adult supervision right now in the administration with respect to their war strategy, this could be handled," said Clinton who also echoed Sen. Warner (R-VA) by telling the Daily News ed board that the United States has 60-90 days to change course. Clinton also again called for Rumsfeld's removal. LINK

"'It's too late for more troops,' she said, contending that drawing down carefully and listening to military field commanders is the only way out now."

Completing its package, the New York Daily News pieces together Sen. Clinton's comments on Iraq into a meta-op-ed. LINK

Bush Administration agenda:

Charlie Savage of the Boston Globe reports on a bi partisan group of three Senators who have written a letter of "dismay" to the President after he issued a statement last week allowing him to disregard specific aspects of a new law regarding the appointment of the FEMA director. LINK

2006: outside groups:

Josh Gerstein of the New York Sun looks (as much as someone can) at the $35 - $40 million Progress for America is set to unleash on the 2006 midterm election. Gerstein Notes the change in the groups strategy from 2004 (when it was operating as a 527) to 2006 (when it is operating as a 501(c)(4) with far less disclosure). Progress for America's latest television ad features David Beamer, the father of Todd Beamer of United Airlines Flight 93 fame. LINK

2006: House:

On top of the Foley spending reported above, the AP's David Espo reports that the GOP is scaling back television ads for four Democratic-held seats in Ohio, South Carolina and West Virginia. LINK

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