The Note: Charlie Brown Holds His Own Football

In an op-ed that contrasts the state of the Ohio GOP with that of the Florida GOP, the Wall Street Journal's Kimberly Strassel argues that "if congressional Republicans are facing a rout come November, it's in no small part because they've been headed down the Ohio highway. A few Supreme Court appointments and tax cuts aside, Republicans have largely abandoned the reform agenda that swept them to power in 1994. Their zeal has instead been directed at retaining power, which explains the earmarking epidemic and the Abramoff corruption that followed. Reform of Medicare and Social Security, the death tax, immigration, health care -- all fell off the map. Democrats would certainly call this agenda extreme, but it was never the existence of the platform that angered voters. It was Republicans' failure to act on it."

Jane Norman of the Des Moines Register writes up a new Iowa Poll that has Democrats favored over Republicans 46 to 36 percent in a generic match-up and wonders if the Hawkeye State will go the way of a national Democratic wave should one emerge. LINK

The South Carolina State's Lee Bandy writes that many voters in the state are disgusted with the current government. Maureen Maguire, a Mount Pleasant health care professional complained that "All they care about is being re-elected. . . and that is not what the forefathers of the country wanted." LINK

The Washington Post's Kurtz reports that Esquire magazine is making endorsements in all 504 congressional and gubernatorial races on the basis of "effectiveness and hypocrisy, not Iraq or taxes, in an idiosyncratic process that wound up backing a majority of Democrats for the House and Senate." LINK

"'We didn't come at it from any ideological standpoint,' says Executive Editor Mark Warren. 'We endorsed Ted Kennedy and Trent Lott, because of a combination of how they serve their state and how they function in the Senate.'"

2006: House:

Iowa-3 hits the $3 million mark. Jane Norman of the Des Moines Register reports that during the third quarter, the total combined fundraising in Iowa's third district rose above $3 million with Rep. Leonard Boswell (D-IA) raising $379,000 between July 1 and September 30 and challenger Jeff Lamberti raising $391,000. LINK

Tom Witosky, also of the Des Moines Register, profiles the race in Iowa's first congressional district. Witosky Notes something Democrat Bruce Braley and Republican Mike Whalen have in common: raw political ambition. LINK

Ed Tibbets of the Quad City Times looks at the parity in spending in the third quarter. LINK

The Associated Press reported over the weekend on the ongoing FBI corruption investigation into Rep. Curt Weldon's (R-PA) daughter's lobbying activities, which caught his entire staff, "off guard." LINK

Weldon identified on Sunday who he thinks is behind the leak of that investigation. In an interview with Stephen Morse, a student at the University of Pennsylvania, Weldon accused the "Democratic operative" Melanie Sloan, who has worked for Rep. John Conyers and Chuck Schumer and is currently the executive director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), of leaking the story about the investigation to the press in order to discredit him. You can watch the interview here: LINK

The Associated Press reports that in Tom DeLay's old district, having to write in the name of your candidate may "prove to be such a chore," Democrats may prevail. LINK

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