The Note: Bush Politics Versus Clinton Politics

The Hill's Jeffrey Young Notes that House GOPers are not the only ones looking to distance themselves from Foley, as lobbyists, and corporate and trade association PACs have followed suit and are asking for their campaign donations back. LINK

Foley: the healing process:

ABC News' Jake Tapper Notes that in the coming days disgraced former Rep. Foley will disclose the identity of the priest he claims molested him as a young teen, but criminal charges against the priest remain unlikely. LINK

The Miami Herald on the same: LINK

Foley: ethics committee investigation:

Andrew Taylor of the AP Notes that Rep. Rodney Alexander ( R –LA) prepares to testify in front of the House ethics committee today. LINK

Per the New York Times' Jeff Zeleny, former House clerk Jeff Trandahl's testimony this Thursday could "corroborate -- or contradict -- accusations that Speaker J. Dennis Hastert's office knew about Mr. Foley's behavior at least three years ago." LINK

As always, Zeleny is the master of color.

Foley: FL-16:

Jennifer Moodey Pierda of the Miami Herald reports on the GOP's outreach efforts to Republicans via email to Iraq and possibly other countries reminding them to vote Republican in order to save the GOP seat in Florida's 16th congressional district. LINK

The Dukester:

"An executive summary of an internal House Intelligence Committee report released Tuesday by the panel's top Democrat gives the fullest accounting to date of how disgraced ex-congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham (R-Calif.) used the intelligence panel and its professional staff to fund two defense contractors, who in turn, bribed him" reads Roxana Tiron's lede in The Hill. LINK

The Los Angeles Times: LINK

The New York Times: LINK

2006: House:

The Wall Street Journal's Jeanne Cummings reports that Democratic opponents of Rep. Nancy Johnson (R-CT), Rep. Curt Weldon (R-PA), and Rep. John Hostettler (R-IN) are in a strong position financially vis a vis their GOP opponent. Meanwhile, Democrat Tammy Duckworth "looks to have miscalculated financially, and hampered her campaign's ability to compete in the final weeks."

"Ms. Duckworth, an Iraq war veteran, has raised roughly $2.8 million. But she spent the bulk of it in September on television ads responding to negative commercials against her by the House Republican committee. Heading into the home stretch, she now reports having $206,000 in the bank while her Republican opponent, Peter Roskam, has $1.5 million."

The Chicago Tribune endorses Duckworth today. LINK

"A record 22 Democratic candidates have raised at least $1 million each to challenge incumbents in the most competitive House races, another sign that Republican control of the chamber is in jeopardy in next month's election," reports Bloomberg News. LINK

The Washington Post's R. Jeffrey Smith and Carol D. Leonnig have new details on the FBI's investigation of whether Curt Weldon used his influence to benefit himself or his daughter. LINK

Elana Schor of The Hill takes a closer look at Weldon's relationship with Russian oil and gas trader Itera group, whose Florida office was raided by the FBI this week. LINK

Joe Conason from the New York Observer traces Weldon's ascension to power and what could be his coup de grace. LINK

On the eve of President Bush's campaign visit for embattled and scandal-plauged Rep. Don Sherwood (R-PA), the DCCC is reminding reporters this morning that the President declared this week, "National Character Counts Week." LINK

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