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"In what could prove to be the turning point in the investigation of former Rep. Mark Foley's (R-Fla.) interaction with House pages -- and what Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) and his staff did or did not know about it -- the House ethics committee will take testimony today on the Foley case from former House Clerk Jeff Trandahl," writes Roll Call's Susan Davis.

USA Today curtain raises today's testimony too. LINK

Foley: political fallout:

The Washington Post's Michael Powell turns in a near must-read on Jack Davis, the "white Anglo-Saxon millionaire owner of a non-union factor," who is running against the "beefy" Tom Reynolds with the "haunted look of late." LINK

"Davis, a big Lou Dobbs fan, wants to impose cliff-high tariffs on goods from 'Red China' and build tall fences on the border with Mexico. And no amnesty for illegal immigrants; it would just encourage them. 'I see radical Mexicans saying President Polk took their land in the war with Mexico.' He whacks the table. 'Well, here's what I say to you. You lost that war, baby!'"

As he was exiting his newsmaker luncheon at the National Press Club on Wednesday, NRCC Chairman Tom Reynolds (R-NY) was asked by ABC News if he was curious as to why Rep. Rodney Alexander (R-LA) felt the need to speak with him about the discomfort that former Rep. Mark Foley (R-FL) had caused a former congressional page in the spring of 2006 if the matter had supposedly been addressed by others in the fall of 2005.

Reynolds refused to answer, saying that he has answered three hours worth of questions about Foley -- a reference to the many press inquiries he has answered on the subject.

Foley: the gay Republican angle:

In what is one of the more bizarre corrections to a political story we have seen in some time, the Los Angeles Times Notes that it is not George Allen's campaign manager who is apparently gay, but his communications director. LINK

2006: House:

The Wall Street Journal's David Rogers takes a must-read look at Colorado where Republicans find themselves in some trouble in three House districts.

The Rocky Mountain News writes up the 14th O'Donnell vs. Perlmutter debate in the last 20 days in the competitive open seat in Colorado's seventh congressional district. LINK

ABC News' Jake Tapper writes in his blog, "Political Punch," that President Bush is doing everything he can to prevent a Democratic takeover of Congress, including campaigning today in Pennsylvania for embattled Rep. Don Sherwood (R-PA). LINK

Larry Eichel of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports that the Iraq war is the central question in three house races in suburban Philadelphia. LINK

Rep. Curt Weldon (R-PA) is still deciding whether or not to release a letter from the House ethics committee which he claims would clear him of the recent allegations. A source says the letter discusses the claims that Weldon helped his daughter get a job and dismisses them, report Todd Mason and John Shiffman of the Philadelphia Inquirer. LINK

"Rep. John Sweeney may have failed to properly report a 2001 trip with a lobbyist and former Capitol Hill staffer now cooperating in a federal investigation of congressional corruption, but aides insisted Wednesday he did not knowingly violate any rules," reports the Saratogian. LINK

Rep. Melissa Bean (D-IL) gets the nod (again) from the Chicago Tribune editorial board. LINK

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