The Note: Weekly Weakly

LAMONT: "Well Senator, I look forward to working with you as our senior Senator. We're going to fight hard for Connecticut every step of the way. So let's do it together." DODD: "Together."

LAMONT: "I'm Ned Lamont and I approved this message."

DODD: "So do I."

In the Courant's "Caucus" blog, Mark Pazniokas reports that Sen. Lieberman is preparing for a $1 million ad blitz next week. LINK

Some Republicans in Connecticut seem to believe that Sen. Lieberman's independent campaign -- which is attracting a solid number of conservative voters -- is boosting Republican candidates engaged in fierce battles with Democrats in a state fuming about Iraq. Heidi Przybyla of Bloomberg News has the story. LINK

"President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney are using Connecticut Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman as their shining example of what's wrong with the Democratic Party, routinely citing his stance on Iraq as the reason Democrats have 'purged' the Connecticut senator," Notes the Hartford Courant's David Lightman. LINK

The Nashville Tennessean reports that in the first day early voters in Shelby County's could vote, there were 14 times more than opening day in 2002. Shelby is the home of Democratic Senate hopeful Harold Ford Jr. LINK

Tennessee Senate candidates Bob Corker and Harold Ford Jr. seem to strike a similar chord on immigration: both oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants and agree immigration reform is needed, Notes the Memphis Commercial Appeal's Halimah Abdullah. LINK

John Seewer of the Associated Press Notes that in a debate last night Sen. Mike DeWine (R-OH) said "he's the only candidate in Ohio's Senate race willing to work with both parties. Democratic U.S. Rep. Sherrod Brown said his opponent's record doesn't show it." LINK

David Hammer of the Associated Press reports that several Ohio television stations have dropped airing a Republican ad accusing Democratic Senate candidate Sherrod Brown of not paying an unemployment tax bill for 13 years due to an inaccuracy in the spot. LINK

James O'Toole of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette Notes that Sen. Santorum (R-PA) may be backpedaling on his promise to release publicly his tax statements. LINK

Tyler Whitley of the Richmond Times Dispatch Notes that President Bush's fundraising for Sen. George Allen (R-VA) raised over $550,000. LINK

Meanwhile former President Clinton stumped for candidate Jim Webb and raised similar funding. LINK

Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse, who is running for Senate in Rhode Island, tried to convince Rhode Island voters last night -- in the first Senate debate of the season -- that the election is a referendum on President Bush and his party and that incumbent Sen. Lincoln Chafee (R-RI) has to go. Chafee went after Whitehouse's prosecutorial record. The Providence Journal wraps the debate. LINK

The Kansas City Star's Matt Stearns offers up what is likely to be Sen. Schumer's favorite clip of the day with his report that the DSCC's $20 million-plus national GOTV effort will be of great help to the Missouri Democratic Party, which now has a DSCC-paid-for voter file. LINK

The Washington Post endorses Rep. Ben Cardin (D-MD) for Senate. LINK

2006: Governor:

From the "when did you stop hitting your wife" file, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that gubernatorial candidate Jim Gibbons (R-NV) held a press conference to refute claims that he battered a woman after leaving a bar. LINK

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