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The Washington Times reports that top GOP strategists are mad that Republican candidates with large financial advantages over their opponents are not sharing the wealth with their cash-strapped allies. Charles Hurt on how Democratic senior Senators helped boost a nearly 2 to 1 advantage for the DSCC over the NRSC. LINK

"For example, Republican Sens. Richard C. Shelby of Alabama and Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas both have more than $9 million in their campaign accounts, and there is no limit to how much they can legally transfer to the NRSC." "Mr. Shelby isn't up for re-election until 2010 and won his last election with 68 percent of the vote. His campaign account contains $11.6 million, but he has given $15,000 to the NRSC. If Democrats take over the Senate, Mr. Shelby will have to surrender his chairmanship of the banking committee. "

2006: House: CT-04:

The Hartford Courant reports that the district 4 race between Rep. Chris Shays (R-CT) and Diane Farrell (D-CT) is narrowing due to Iraq's increasing importance. Per Joel Lang, the Courant commissioned a poll which said that "each candidate [had] 43 percent support among likely voters, reflecting a gain of 2 percentage points for Farrell and a loss of 3 percentage points for Shays since a similar poll in early October when violence in Iraq began to escalate." He adds: "The new poll shows unaffiliated voters shifting toward Farrell." LINK

2006: House: FL-16:

Michael C. Bender of the Palm Beach Post report that Republicans are "spreading the word" and understand that their vote for ex-Rep. Mark Foley (R-FL) would actually go to Joe Negron. LINK

Kevin Dale of the Herald Tribune also reports that of the 161 ballots cast early, "not one raised a question." LINK

2006: House: GA-08 and GA-12:

The New York Times' Zernike takes a look at the two vulnerable Democratic seats in Georgia and Notes the upside down campaign strategy compared to the national landscape. In Georgia, Democrats shun their party label and seek to align themselves with President Bush on areas of agreement. LINK

2006: House: ID-01:

In his piece looking at the NRCC spending money to defend a House seat in Idaho and some other northwestern seats, the Washington Post's Blaine Harden writes: "It is, perhaps, the political equivalent of hell freezing over in the interior West." LINK

Harden attributes the GOP's difficulties to "unrelenting grim news from the war in Iraq" combined with "smoldering anger over federal deficits and Washington scandals."

2006: House: IL-06 and IL-08:

The Chicago Tribune reports that Tammy Duckworth agreed "absolutely" with Gen. Richard Dannatt, the British army chief who recently declared that the presence of coalition troops is making matters worse in Iraq," during a recent debate. LINK

Former President Clinton was in Illinois yesterday raising money for Duckworth and Rep Melissa Bean (D-IL), the Chicago Tribune reports. LINK

2006: House: LA-02:

Ann Simmons of the Los Angeles Times writes up embattled Rep. Bill Jefferson's (D-LA) tough reelection race and likely December 9 runoff. LINK

2006: House: MN-01:

The battle has been joined by both the DCCC and NRCC in Minnesota's first congressional district where incumbent Rep. Gil Gutknecht is facing Democratic challenger Tim Walz. LINK

2006: House: PA-10:

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