The Note: Republicans as Democrats

The RNC has sent out a mailer accusing Naval Reserve Officer and congressional candidate Chris Carney (D) of "helping start the Iraq war." The top of the mailing warns voters: "Chris Carney failed our nation once. Don't give Chris Carney a chance to FAIL us again." Carney is the Democrat running against Rep. Don Sherwood (R-PA), the Republican member of Congress accused of choking his mistress who recently received campaign help from President Bush. More from Eli Lake in Monady's New York Sun: LINK

2006: Senate:

James Rowley of Bloomberg News Notes "the son also rises" in US Senate races this year where the offspring of well-known pols are on the ballot in Tennessee, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Nevada. LINK

2006: Senate: Tennessee:

The controversy surrounding the RNC television ad against Harold Ford running in Tennessee was stoked a bit further yesterday when former Sen./SECDEF William Cohen (R-ME) declared it "a very serious appeal to a racist sentiment." The Los Angeles Times' Peter Wallsten takes a closer look. LINK

Bartholomew Sullivan of the Memphis Commercial Appeal discusses the "Memphis meltdown" and Rep. Ford's parking lot confrontation with Bob Corker, which Sean Hannity played for Newt Gingrich yesterday. LINK

2006: Senate: Missouri:

David Goldstein of the Kansas City Star reports on the Star's demand that Sen. Jim Talent (R-MO) pull or correct four recent ads, which "falsely attributes several unflattering quotes" about Democrat Claire McCaskill to the paper. LINK

Jeremy Kohler of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports the senatorial candidates McCaskill and Sen. Talent are not hesitating to spend $20,000 on multiple ad buys during the World Series as "it reaches a total cross section of viewers." LINK

2006: Senate: Virginia:

Democrat Jim Webb's name has been "cut off on part of the electronic ballot used by voters in Alexandria, Falls Church and Charlottesville because of a computer glitch that also affects other candidates with long names," the Washington Post's Leef Smith reports. LINK

2006: Senate: Rhode Island:

Roll Call's Nicole Duran writes: "…as much as [Chafee] plays up how he differs with the national GOP, it is his party affiliation that ultimately might end his Senate career."

2006: Senate: Montana:

The Christian Science Monitor takes a close looks at the two candidates running for the senate seat in Montana. The race is between incumbent Senator Conrad Burns (R) and his "easy Montana charm" and Democratic challenger Jon Tester (D) with his "flap-top haircut and big belly." This race may come down to style. LINK

2006: Senate: Maryland:

The Washington Post profiles Michael Steele, the Republican running for the Senate in Maryland against Rep. Ben Cardin (D-MD), as someone who is "running vigorously against the political system that promoted him." LINK

The Washington Times' S.A. Miller and Jon Ward on the hunt for black voters in Maryland. LINK

2006: Senate: New York:

The New York Times' Santora on the "swampy territory" in which the New York Senate race finds itself. LINK

The "L" word has made its way into the New York Senate race, Notes the New York Post's Maggie Haberman. LINK

Joe Mahoney and David Saltonstall of the New York Daily News follow up on their colleague Ben Smith's reporting about what John Spencer had to say about Hillary Clinton's physical appearance. For the record, Sen. Clinton apparently thinks her high school photo is cute. LINK

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