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Molly Ball has an article in today's Las Vegas Review Journal about the Gibbons scandal, this one focusing on his opponent Dina Titus (D-NV), and a new ad -- that may or may not air -- which refers to Mazzeo's accusations. Ball points to the fact that Titus says that she will not comment on the allegations, but the ad, which was inadvertently posted on the web states: "Gibbons talks about family values, but on a rainy night in Las Vegas, he's at a bar drinking, then walks an intoxicated woman to her car. We can't trust Jim Gibbons' judgment; we can't trust Jim Gibbons to be governor." The Titus campaign is not sure that they will air the ad. LINK

All the Sheriff wants is a signed crime report from Chrissy Mazzeo, write Francis McCabe and David Kihara in today's Las Vegas Review Journal. In a press conference yesterday, Sheriff Bill Young said of the potential investigation of gubernatorial candidate Jim Gibbons (R-NV): "Bring it on. Come forward, sign the crime report, and I guarantee if you want an aggressive investigation ... you ain't seen nothing yet." LINK

2006: Governor: Pennsylvania:

James O'Toole of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette looks at criticism Gov. Ed Rendell has received for saying that many seniors live "gray" lives. LINK

The Clintons of Chappaqua:

Have you heard the one about what Sen. Clinton wanted President Clinton to give her for her birthday? Ray Hernandez of the New York Times wraps the former president's Empire State campaign swing from Albany to Syracuse to Long Island and finishing up on the Upper West Side. LINK

"No one raised the possibility of a 2008 White House run, as has been custom during the race, with Bill Clinton veering close just once, saying, 'She represents the best of what [the country] is yearning for,'" write Maggie Haberman and Ken Lovett of the New York Post. LINK

The Albany Times Union's Tim O'Brien on Clinton campaigning for Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand. LINK

The New York Daily News wraps Clintonfest too: LINK

Politics of immigration:

Nicole Gaouette of the Los Angeles Times emphasizes the President saying "we have more to do" on immigration. LINK

The Washington Times' Stephen Dinan on the bill signing. LINK

Democratic agenda:

Business groups and special interests sense that the Democrats might in fact take control of Congress November 7th and so they're throwing campaign money at the men and woman in line for House committee chairmanships. Richard Simon of the Los Angeles Times has the story. LINK

In an op-ed for the Los Angeles Times, Prof. Ross Baker looks at the way Democrats have tacked right on gun control. LINK

"Democrats have run up the white flag. They have evidently concluded that curtailing the right of gun ownership is a nonstarter, especially if they intend to pursue victory in 50 states."

"That's the goal of Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean. His vision of breaking the GOP lock on states such as Wyoming, Montana and Colorado has caused the Democrats to holster their olive branch, snatch the Winchester from the cold, dead hands of Charlton Heston and ride off under the leadership of Montana's pro-gun Democratic Gov. Brian Schweitzer to confront the Mountain West Republican Party. We should not be surprised if Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton shows up at the 2008 Democratic Convention togged out like Annie Oakley, shooting cigars out of the mouth of her husband, the former president."

2008: Republicans:

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