The Note: Weakness Attracts Those Who Are Waiting

Under pressure from black leaders including Rev. Jesse Jackson and union groups, Wal-Mart has ended its relationship with GOP operative/McCain adviser Terry Nelson in the wake of the television ad attacking Harold Ford Jr. in Tennessee, reported the New York Times on Saturday. LINK

2006: Senate: Virginia:
Mike Gruss of the Virginia Pilot highlights Sen. George Allen's Sunday campaigning, "likening his race against Democratic challenger Jim Webb to sports and discussing his values in the terms of four Fs: faith, family, freedom and football." LINK

The AP has its own look at the Virginia Senate candidates weekends in what could be very telling of these candidates: while Jim Webb attended a Festival of India in Richmond, Sen. George Allen watched professional football on "four cinema-style screens." LINK

The Richmond Times-Dispatch profiles the wives of the candidates calling Sen. George Allen's wife Susan "Team Allen's head cheerleader" and Jim Webb's wife Hong as the supportive, if a bit reluctant, spouse. LINK

and LINK

The Washington Times' Christina Bellantoni writes that Sen. Allen's "nothing's impossible" credo is being put to the test in his effort to refocus his campaign on his record. LINK

2006: Senate: Montana:

Along with the prestige and power of being a US Senator, the winner of the Senate race in Montana will also get to host a dinner and bison hunt on Ted Turner's ranch, the AP reports. LINK

Charles Johnson of the Billings Gazette reports that voters are requesting absentee ballots in record numbers as the Senate race there heats up. LINK

Gov. Brian Schweitzer (D-MT) is hitting the hustings for Montana Democrats, Mike Dennison of the Billings Gazette reports. LINK

2006: Senate: New Jersey:

Cynthia Burton of the Philadelphia Inquirer Notes that Sen. Bob Menendez has more ground to gain than he thought to retain his post as junior Senator from New Jersey, as his Hispanic last name might prove more of a built-in burden than a blessing. LINK

While referring to him as "less-than-charismatic" and a Senator with a "history of ethical lapses," the New York Times endorses Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) over challenger Thomas Kean, Jr. for his "better grasp of the issues." (Note Note: The "D" after his name may have helped too.) LINK

The Washington Times' Amy Fagan reaches an uncertain conclusion as to what effect the recent New Jersey gay rights ruling will have on the state's Senate race. LINK

2006: Senate: Maryland:

Under a "Debate Puts Steele on Defense" header, the Washington Post's Matthew Mosk and Ann Marimow write that the most "dramatic" exchange of yesterday's "Meet the Press" debate came when host Tim Russert pressed Steele "about his opposition to abortion and embryonic stem cell research, and about his long-standing support for President Bush." LINK

Ben Cardin and Michael Steele put Iraq front and center in their debate on "Meet the Press" yesterday. USA Today has the roundup. LINK

The Washington Times' Jon Ward has Steele saying after his MTP debate that he would have liked to have spent "a little more time on . . . an attitude in this campaign, where race has come into play." LINK

2006: Senate: Pennsylvania:

Jake Tapper writes in his "Political Punch" blog that, in a twist on party stereotypes, it is the Republican candidate -- Sen. Santorum -- who is viewed as perhaps too intellectual in this key Keystone State contest. LINK

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