The Note: Organize, Organize, Organize . . .

Peter Canellos does the perfect Globe-on-Kerry straddle: 2 parts homer, 9 parts it's-about-competence-not-ideology savaging: LINK

Absolutely no love for Kerry from the Boston Herald ed board with the headline: "Just Sit Down and Shut Up." LINK

The Globe editorial is a little nicer to Kerry, but doesn't let him off the hook completely. LINK

Mishra and MacQuarrie of the Boston Glove run the gamut on local reax: LINK


The Los Angeles Times' Johanna Neuman and Richard Simon pivot off of Kerry's remarks and George Allen's "macaca" moment and explorer the foot-in-mouth syndrome that political candidates often battle. LINK

"'People are running hard and very tired,' said Edward J. Rollins, a GOP consultant who ran President Reagan's 1984 reelection campaign. 'That's why the last two weeks of a campaign, I always locked my candidates in the bus and put them on a script.'"

O. Kay Henderson of Radio Iowa reports that Democrat Bruce Braley reacted to Kerry's comment by saying: "I believe that Senator Kerry's brief statement was inappropriate and I believe that the Bush White House and Senate Kerry need to stop their partisan bickering. The partisan back-and-forth is getting us nowhere. American citizens are tired of that." LINK

Many New Hampshire Democrats worry that Sen. Kerry's "botched" joke will hurt Democrats chanced in Tuesday's election, Notes the Union Leader's John DiStaso. LINK

If you need any further proof that Republicans play the Freak Show game better than the Democrats, ask yourself if you know about Democratic efforts to pull a "Kerry" on John Boehner yesterday. You don't, most likely, and there are myriad reasons for that.

2006: House:

The Washington Post's Jonathan Weisman and Jeffrey Birnbaum report that "indictments, investigations and allegations of wrongdoing have helped put at least 15 Republican House seats in jeopardy, enough to swing control to the Democrats on Tuesday even before the larger issues of war, economic unease and President Bush are invoked." LINK

On top of the more familiar scandals, the Washington Post duo highlight: an Albany Times Union story charging that the wife of Rep. John Sweeney (R-NY) "called police late last year to report that her husband was 'knocking her around' during a late-night argument"; Rep. Chris Shays (R-CT) being "confronted with media reports alleging that a 2003 trip to Qatar -- partly funded by a group loosely tied to Abramoff -- had not been properly disclosed"; Vern Buchanan being the "target of local media reports this week detailing his use of business entities in Caribbean tax havens to reduce levies on his auto dealerships"; and Rep. Jon Porter (R-NV) having to "contend with charges lodged last month by a longtime former aide, Jim Shepard, that the lawmaker made dozens of illegal fundraising calls from his congressional offices."

Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times follows the Washington Post's lead and heads to Manny's in Chicago to profile Rahm Emanuel's efforts at leading the House campaign committee for Democrats. Sweet scores a nice Axelrod cameo!! LINK

2006: House: FL-22:

The South Florida Sun Sentinel reports that there have been few early voting problems in Palm Beach, FL, where issues arose in the 2000 presidential election. There have been only a handful of voters who have complained they have had the wrong ballots show up on their touch screen machines or their vote appearing to go to the wrong candidate. LINK

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