The Note: Organize, Organize, Organize . . .

2006: House: Kentucky:

Kate Zernike of the New York Times heads to the Bluegrass State to look at the competitive House races there and wonders if Rep. Ron Lewis (R-KY) may again play the role of harbinger as he did in 1994. LINK

2006: House: NV-03:

Jon Porter (R-NV) and Tessa Hafen (D-NV) held their final debate last night, focusing mostly on the war in Iraq. LINK

2006: House: IA-01:

Tom Witosky of the Des Moines Register profiles James Hill, the "pirate" candidate for the 1st congressional district. Running as a recovering alcoholic and pledging to refuse all campaign donations, Hill believes "an oath is an oath, and pirates keep their oaths. That's a lot different from politicians who get elected as Republicans and Democrats and their only real goal is to make sure they get elected again." LINK

2006: House: NH-02:

The Union Leader's Tom Fahey Notes that Rep. Charlie Bass (R-NH) hit one of the two GOP message pillars when he charged his Democratic challenger Paul Hodes with wanting to repeal some Bush Administration tax cuts which, he claims, would hurt small business owners. LINK

2006: Senate: Tennessee:

Per Bonna De La Cruz of the Nashville Tennessean, "Republican candidate Bob Corker poured $1.35 million of his own money into his U.S. Senate campaign this week." She adds that he has spent $2 million of his own money on the general election, in addition to the $2 million that he spent in the primary election. LINK

Note question: how many Ford donors have personally maxed out already this cycle? Bill Theobald writes about the overwhelming outside interest in deciding the Tennessee Senate race between Rep. Harold Ford (D-TN) and Corker. He Notes in the Nashville Tennessean that they comprise "a confusing stew of national party committees, union and business political action committees, interest group political action committees and independent groups." The DSCC has spent the most out of the party committees, about $4.8 million. LINK

The AP's Erik Schelzig reports that Former President Bill Clinton campaigned for Ford yesterday at a black church in Ford's hometown, saying: "You know what it will mean if Harold gets elected on Tuesday. It won't mean what all those columnists and commentators say. It won't mean that it's a victory of race; it will be a victory of going beyond race." Ford also campaigned with Gen. Wes Clark. LINK

2006: Senate: Missouri:

In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, Brendan Miniter reports that Claire McCaskill's is running not against Sen. Talent but against President Bush.

"Along the way she's even displayed a little wit: 'Talent votes with President Bush more often than I agree with my husband,' she quipped at a recent campaign rally in this small town, four hours west of St. Louis."

2006: Senate: Virginia:

In a piece that Notes that Webb plans to campaign today with Sen. Obama, Michael J. Fox, and Gen. Clark, the Washington Post's Tim Craig and Michael Shear have Webb saying: "We're going to win. These past two days, I think, this is going to happen." LINK

"Help Allen Defeat Kerry's Webb of Deceit," reads the subject line of an email from Allen campaign manager Dick Wadhams in a last push electronic fundraising appeal.

2006: Senate: Montana:

Sam Howe Verhovek's Los Angeles Times story examines the inroads that Democrats have made in Montana that may give a slight edge to Democrat Jon Tester in his race to defeat Sen. Conrad Burns. And it's nicely timed to a presidential visit. LINK

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