The Note: Polls Versus Guts

Lately, the Clintons have been in sync when it comes to stumping, and the New York Daily News' Michael McAulif is looking for a celebrity nickname for the power pair, "Billary? Hilliam?" LINK

Marriage expert Howard Wolfson weighs in here.

Casting and counting:

The Wall Street Journal's ed board writes that "allegations of fraud have tainted Acorn voter drives across the country" with four workers from Acorn indicted by a federal grand jury for "submitting false voter registration forms to the Kansas City, Missouri, election board."

Barb Icks of the Quad City Times asks why the turnout of early voting in Iowa is lower than expected. As a result of negative campaigning, "people say, I'll give up my right to vote if they'll just leave me alone." LINK

The Washington Post's Amy Goldstein reports that Indiana's 2005 picture ID law "puts it among a dozen states that have tightened requirements lately that voters display some form of identification at the polls. The laws have spawned partisan warring, lawsuits and confusion that election experts predict could influence the outcome of some close elections." LINK

Piggy-backing on his coverage of electronic voting machines, Jake Tapper writes in his blog about an HBO documentary "Hacking Democracy." Tapper writes: "The largest manufacturer of these machines, Diebold, has even written to HBO, asking the premium cable channel to pull the film." He Notes that ABC has been "hip to one of the heroes of the HBO film, Bev Harris, [who was] profiled for Good Morning America." LINK

Tapper teams up with ABC News' Nitya Venkataraman to explain the weaknesses of the electronic voting machines, which were also featured on last night's World News broadcast: LINK

Richard Wolf of USA Today reports on the looming hypothetical of provisional voters in tights races. LINK

Robert Vitale of the Columbus Dispatch assumes that "things don't change again" after election officials re-educated poll workers yesterday about new voter ID laws. LINK

The Columbus Dispatch breaks down "what could happen Tuesday" for voters: LINK

Jon Craig of the Cincinnati Enquirer reports that an unprecedented 4.2 million Ohio voters are expected to turnout on Tuesday. LINK

The Philadelphia Inquirer's Thomas Fitzgerald and Nancy Petersen report that although electronic voting machines were used in the primary elections in Pennsylvania, many people fear they will not be able to handle the large amounts of voters this election day so, "in about 20 precincts in the Philadelphia suburbs, teams from a group called Election Integrity are preparing to conduct exit polls in precincts with the machines. If there is a significant variance between the official results and the polls, they'll demand investigations." LINK

Weekend politics:


President Bush conducts his weekly Radio Address from Colorado at 10:06 am ET, location TBA. He then breakfasts with small business owners at 10:15 am ET, exact location TBA, in Colorado. Lastly, the President attends a Colorado Victory Rally at the Island Grove Regional Park Events Center in Greeley, CO at 11:50 am ET. The President overnights at his ranch in Crawford, TX.

Bill Clinton plans to campaign in Florida on behalf of Democratic congressional candidate Ron Klein tomorrow.

On Saturday, DNC Chair Howard Dean heads to Michigan State University for a 9 am ET GOTV rally in Lansing.

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