The Note: "Nancy, It's George Bush."

On Another Network, RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman and former DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe predicted today's results. McAuliffe believed "it's going to be big day" with Democrats taking 25-40 seats in the House, 5-6 in the Senate and " '07 has to be a year of transition." Mehlman has "seen a surge, a momentum" in these last days and the only number he threw out was $2000, the amount a "family of four will see taxes go up if the Democrats take control."

On yet Another Network, Harry Smith reported on the "real horse race" that is the VA senate race, where the key is who turn out to vote: Northern Virginia is Webb country, while the rest is solid Republican, reported Smith. Rene Syler was in New Jersey where she reported on the Garden State Senate race. One analyst said that "New Jersey is the land of the fang and the claw." Sharyn Alfonsi reported on the Missouri Senate race.

Hannah Storm interviewed DNC Chairman Howard Dean on the Democrats' chances of taking back the Senate. Dean described it "mathematically unlikely" but possible if people get out to vote saying "we hope the robocall will stop." Storm then interviewed Mehlman, who mentioned polls showing Republican momentum and Saddam Hussein's trial as good signs for the Republicans.

Bill Plante reported from Crawford that if the President is concerned about anything this morning, it's a well kept secret and he showed Karl Rove's attack on Crist.


Adam Nagourney of the New York Times surveys the landscape and reports that Democrats have set the House expectations bar at 15 or bust. LINK

Looking at the midterms from the perspective of an election spectator, the Wall Street Journal's Christopher Cooper writes: "the bad news is this: Razor-edge contests can spark legal challenges and recounts that can take days to sort out. The good news: Many of the most important races are in the Eastern and Central time zones. If an angry tide is poised to swamp Republicans, it could be apparent before most political junkies call it a night. Connecticut, Florida, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York together hold 24 of the most competitive House seats in the country."

In a story looking at the way Democrats have played the money game more assertively this year, the Wall Street Journal's Jeanne Cummings gets some good color of Sen. Schumer with his "feet propped up," his voice "bouncing off the walls," telling a donor named David "you're a doll" after he agreed to make a contribution.


The New York Times' Jim Rutenberg takes a fun look at the "last hurrah" for President Bush and Karl Rove. And be sure to Note these gems. LINK

"Everywhere, though, there are reminders that Washington will soon begin to focus on 2008 -- like, say, Wednesday. . . [Senator McCain] is expected to start his 2008 political strategy sessions on Wednesday." (Somewhere, yet again, the gloomy-visaged John Weaver is laughing.)

The Washington Post's Peter Baker reports that Rove told reporters that "of 20 recent polls in critical places, 16 had moved in the Republican direction and three were flat." Baker also Notes that Rove "did not hide his consternation" with Crist. LINK

Internetist Howard Fineman explains how Karl Rove and Ken Mehlman did it, just in case Karl Rove and Ken Mehlman do it. LINK

GOP agenda:

Perhaps sensing doom, Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) intends to challenge Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) for House Minority Leader after the election, The Hill's Patrick O'Connor reports. LINK

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