The Note: Baker - Forever

The Philadelphia Inquirer's Dick Polman sees the 2008 GOP race coming down to Sen. McCain and Gov. Romney. LINK

Republican strategist Ed Rogers nailed the Republican presidential field in a Washington Post Outlook piece. LINK

The New York Times' Week in Review had a piece on the 2006 implications for 2008, including the looming pressure on Senator-candidates to come home from the trail to vote. LINK

The New York Times on Howard Wolfson's "instinct for the kill." LINK

Sunday's Washington Post on Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI) deciding not to seek the Democratic nomination for President. LINK

Feingold campaigned in 17 states, but also realized his chances "would have required the craziest combination of things in the history of American politics to make it work."

ABC News' Mark Halperin and David Chalian on Feingold's decision not to run in 2008: LINK

The New York Sun on Sen. Feingold's preference for a Democratic presidential nominee who "had the judgment to oppose the Iraq war from the beginning." LINK

WisPolitics has Sen. Feingold saying that Sen. Obama and former Vice President Gore are two potential candidates who opposed the war initially while adding that he's "not endorsing either one yet." LINK

US News on how the 2006 election results will impact Sen. Clinton's 2008 chances. LINK

US News on how the election is sorting the anti-Sen. Clinton candidates into two distinct camps: LINK

Rove post-mortems in the Washington Post. LINK

Sunday's Chicago Tribune had a behind-the-scenes must-read look at the making of Rahm's Majority. The profane attacks on the lazy, the CBC, and the conservatives will surprise you less than the Bill Clinton interview (allegedly by e-mail) and the final round of cheesecakes. LINK


The Associated Press on Sen. Joe Lieberman (I/D-CT) not ruling out switching to the Republican caucus if he starts to feel uncomfortable among Democrats. LINK

The Washington Post on the caution with which Democrats may proceed on immigration. LINK

The Wall Street Journal looks at the ways in which rhetoric about bipartisanship will be tested in the lame duck session by the nominations of Robert Gates and John Bolton as well as votes on the estate tax and warrantless wiretapping. LINK

More from the Associated Press: LINK

Los Angeles Times on the same: LINK

USA Today on Pelosi's push for sponsors of earmarks to be identified. LINK

After his vow to make earmark reform a top priority, the Los Angeles Times reports on the controversial bridge that would up the value of a property owned by Sen. Reid. LINK

The paper also reports that Speaker-to-be Pelosi has used earmarking repeatedly in the past. LINK

Hoyer v. Murtha:

The Washington Post writes that Pelosi's endorsement of Murtha "could be a significant blow to Hoyer." LINK

The Associated Press has newly elected Barron Hill downplaying Pelosi's endorsement by saying it was merely a letter of personal intent. LINK

(The Note thinks that, per usual, Dave Espo has gotten to the truth.)

Boehner v. Pence v. Barton:

Bob Novak thinks the GOP has not learned anything from 2006 as Republican House members plan to re-elect Boehner and Blunt to their leadership posts. LINK

The New York Sun on James Carville telling the New Republic that Rep. Harold Ford Jr. (D-TN) should replace Howard Dean as DNC chair. LINK

Sunday's Associated Press story on Lt. Gov. Michael Steele (R-MD) expressing interest in being RNC chair. LINK

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