The Note: "Grave and Deteriorating"

Rudy Giuliani's first exploratory committee fundraiser is set for December 19 in New York City. It will be hosted by former New York Stock Exchange director Ken Langone. LINK

David Saltonstall of the New York Daily News writes of Rudy Giuliani's big hire. Sandra Pack, Bush-Cheney '04 CFO, is moving from the Treasury Department over to Team Giuliani. LINK

The New York Sun on the same: LINK

The Boston Globe's Steven Camarota opines on why Gov. Romney ought not to be blamed for the allegedly illegal immigrants employed by the landscaping company which handles his lawn. LINK

The Boston Globe ed board writes that despite Gov. Romney's efforts to move to the right on immigration in order to "outflank" front-runner Sen. John McCain, his support of a fence and police enforcement do not solve the problem. The ed board suggests that the next president ought to "build on the McCain bill." LINK

A Massachusetts tourism group criticizes Romney for cutting $5 million in state funds for promoting the state to international tourists, per the Boston Globe's Peter Howe. LINK

Erin Jordan of the Des Moines Register writes up Sen. Brownback's 10-state blitz and his "full-scale conservative" values. LINK

2008: Democrats:

In a broad look at Sen. Clinton's "humming" campaign machine, the Washington Post's Dan Balz and Chris Cillizza report that Sen. Clinton has selected longtime adviser Patti Solis Doyle as campaign manager. LINK

Jason Horowitz of the New York Observer details some of the conversations Sen. Clinton has been having with New York elected officials and fundraisers. Rep. Eliot Engel is fully on board as is Rep. Jerry Nadler. Nadler even made sure to offer up some concerns about potential Clinton rival Sen. Barack Obama. LINK

"'Someone like Barack Obama -- who is suddenly a real candidate -- always worries me, because he is a novice candidate,' said Representative Jerry Nadler, who is backing Mrs. Clinton. 'Novice candidates -- not always, but 95 percent of the time -- make a mistake.'"

Horowitz also has this from Clinton loyalist and fundraiser John Catsimatidis: "'To take Obama seriously at this stage of the game is very naïve,' said Mr. Catsimatidis. 'He's not ready for prime time. What, do you want to take the weatherman from Boise, Idaho, and put him in New York City? I mean, give me a break.'"

We wonder if Nadler and Catsimatidis ran those anti-Obama thoughts by Sen. Clinton's camp before offering them up publicly.

Note, too, that Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) makes it clear that he has yet to decide who he will support in the campaign.

Now that Sen. Clinton's has signaled her intention to run for president, Dick Morris writes that she can definitely win while urging her defeat. LINK

"She definitely can win . . . and probably will," writes Morris before adding that she mustn't win because she would be a "disaster at home and abroad."

Sen. Clinton plans to dine with New Hampshire Democratic players at her home in Washington, DC on Sunday evening and then do the same with Iowa Democrats on Tuesday evening, reports Maggie Haberman of the New York Post. LINK

The New York Daily News on the upcoming dinner with Iowa Democrats at Hillary Clinton's home: LINK

The Des Moines Register's Tom Beaumont on Iowa Democrats heading to Sen. Clinton's home. LINK

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