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Make sure you read all the way to the bottom for a hint of the kinds of questions you may see asked when Gov. Romney decides to enter the Sunday morning network television fray.

Romney spokesguy Eric Fehrnstrom says the governor's main concern is activist judges taking such issues into their own hands.

Bloomberg's Heidi Przybyla takes an in-depth look at Gov. Romney's burgeoning campaign and the headway he is making among some traditionalists who are looking for an alternative to Sen. McCain. LINK

Note that Romney is planning to roll out his position on international affairs next year, he is looking for ways to sharpen his differences with McCain on immigration, and he is developing ideas for simplifying taxes and spurring capital formation.

In a preview of Democratic (and Republican) talking points on the governor, Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) swipes Romney for the way his positions seem to have changed over the years.

"'Romney ran as a moderate Republican twice, and he's now gone to the right on stem-cell research, the environment, gay rights, abortion -- virtually everything you can think of,' said Rep. Frank. 'Either he was blatantly lying to people to get elected, or he just decided because the Republican Party is where it is today.'"

(Note: See Boston Globe story above.)

Gov. Romney's Commonwealth PAC announced that former state House Speaker Allan Bense, former state Republican Party Chairman Al Cardenas and outgoing LT. Gov. Toni Jennings (R-FL) have all joined the PAC's steering committee in preparation for Romney's potential White House run, Notes William March of the Tampa Tribune. LINK

(All three are quite familiar with Gov. Jeb Bush.)

More from the Tallahassee Democrat: LINK

The Wall Street Journal's Wirey John Harwood reports that Sen. McCain has bolstered his policy team with former CBO chief Holtz-Eakin. "'He thinks things should add up, and I like that,' says Holtz-Eakin, a one-time Bush White House official."

Harwood also reports that FEC Chair Michael Toner will leave his post by year's end, and he may join a Republican presidential campaign.

Sen. McCain's man in New Hampshire, Mike Dennehy, has been tapped as national political director for McCain's likely presidential campaign. The Associated Press has the story. LINK

The New Hampshire Union Leader's John DiStaso reports Dennehy will be responsible for structuring McCain's campaigns in all 50 states. LINK

In the forthcoming edition of the New Republic, Noam Scheiber takes a look at the many conversions of Sen. Sam Brownback (R-KS): from moderate to pro-lifer back in 1994, from Gingrich revolutionary to devout social conservative in 1996/97, and from evangelical to Catholic in 2002. LINK

While the conversions are many, the change of heart is depicted as sincere.

2008: Democrats:

"The 100-member Senate has never run short of presidential wannabes," write the Washington Post's Charles Babington and Shailagh Murray in a front-page must-read about Sens. Clinton and Obama, "but this time, Democrats worry that the clash of titans will overshadow their legislative agenda, leaving mere mortals grasping for notice and potentially compromising the party's efforts to expand its Senate majority." LINK

Be sure to Note that the Washington Post duo report that some Obama allies suspect that Clinton supporters generated recent rumors that former Vice President Gore is weighing a 2008 bid, "hoping to discourage donors from signing up with Obama just yet."

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