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Welcome to The Note 2007, still available for free (as of this writing).

Sometimes it seems like there are no sure things in American politics, as Donald Rumsfeld, Alex Vogel, Mike Allen, and Dan Pfeiffer can all tell you.

This busy month -- and year -- are just getting started, and/but we feel there ARE some bets you can go to Ladbrokes with.

Not all of these are locks, but if you are the wagering type, we suggest putting cash money down on these:

-- The Gang of 500 will vote -- mercilessly and instantly -- 494 to 6 against President Bush's new Iraq policy.

-- Support in Congress will be (only) slightly better for the POTUS.

-- It will take weeks (and maybe months) for the White House to realize just how thoroughly distrusted it is by the Democratic leadership.

-- Said Democratic leadership will not make the public relations mistakes that Republicans are implicitly counting on.

-- Al Gore will make the most of his moment in the (ever-warmer) sun.

-- Ben Smith has more pages up his sleeve.

-- BidenDoddVilsackRichardson will get very tired of answering questions about ClintonObama.

-- Anyone at the White House who thinks they can keep 2008 in a bottle will realize by April Fool's Day that they can't.

-- If Reid-Pelosi can move legislation like Frist-Hastert(DeLay), President Bush's veto pen will get quite a work out.

-- Before too long, there will be a Sunny Mindel/Barbara Comstock/Steve Schmidt green room face off that will be an instant classic.

-- Before too long, there will be a surprise entrance (or exit) from the expected 2008 field.

-- All profiles of Robert Gibbs will begin with either (a) an anecdotal lede involving the teasing he gets from his boss; or (b) his weight loss techniques.

-- All profiles of John Weaver will begin with either (a) a lyric description of how glum he seems; (b) some Karl Rove story/comparison.

-- Democratic congressional strategists will still talk more to reporters about strategy and tactics than their Republican counterparts.

Gerald R. Ford is laid to rest this afternoon at his presidential museum in Grand Rapids, MI. Former President Carter and former Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld are both expected to speak at the Grace Church private funeral service at 2:00 pm ET. Vice President Cheney is also expected to attend. Be sure to tune into ABC News' television coverage of Ford's burial beginning at 3:30 pm ET. You can also catch all of ABC News' Ford funeral coverage at anytime on, ABC News Now, and ABC News Radio. LINK

President Bush's agenda setting day began with his op-ed in the Wall Street Journal reminding congressional Democrats that he's still got 25 percent of his presidency left and that he and the new majorities on the Hill "share the responsibility for what we achieve." The President plans to meet with his Cabinet at 9:30 am ET and then to stand in front of them for a Rose Garden statement at 10:25 am ET. (Mr. Bush perhaps previews the anti-earmarking part of that statement in his op-ed by writing, ". . . today I will announce my own proposal to end this dead-of-the-night process and substantially cut the earmarks passed each year.")

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