The Chicago Sun-Times' Maureen O'Donnell cites Obama's spokesman Robert Gibbs as (once again) saying that the decision would be announced this week, but Obama made clear he purposely didn't make the announcement on Martin Luther King Day, "'We will have an announcement very soon, but I didn't want to use this day to indicate my plans because I am humbled by what Dr. King accomplished.'" LINK

"Today, the nation's leading grassroots movement to encourage Illinois Senator Barack Obama to run for President in 2008 announced the launch of ObamaWasRight.com, an affiliated website and blog dedicated to discussion of the War in Iraq," reads a DraftObama.org press release.

2008: Democrats: Gore:

The Boston Globe's Scot Lehigh pens an op-ed arguing that former Vice President Al Gore just might be the Democrats' strongest candidate in 2008. LINK

With all due respect to Scot, we doubt this part, but if true, it is huge news: "Another Democratic source says that in recent weeks, the former vice president's camp has quietly put out feelers to presidential politicos, asking whether they are committed for 2008."

2008: Democrats: Edwards:

If John Edwards is elected president in 2008, history will likely record that his politically clever speech on Sunday urging greater opposition to the war in Iraq was a big moment in his quest.

Raleigh's News & Observer reporter Rob Christensen evaluates the two-year work former Sen. John Edwards (D-NC) did for the anti-poverty center at UNC-Chapel Hill -- which gave Sen. Edwards a vehicle to talk about the issue that has become a centerpiece in his quest for the White House. LINK

For the Political Radar, ABC News' Teddy Davis wrote over the weekend that "based on conversations with the liberal interest groups which constitute the recently formed anti-escalation coalition," John Edwards, who voted for the Iraq war in 2002, "seems to have repaired his relations with anti-war activists by authoring a 2005 Washington Post op-ed which began with the words 'I was wrong,' by calling for the immediate withdrawal of 40,000-50,000 troops, and by urging Congress to flex the power of the purse." LINK

In the New Republic's must-read cover story on John Edwards as "The Accidental Populist," Jason Zengerle has Elizabeth Edwards reacting to Bill Clinton telling the New Yorker that her husband ran for president prematurely by saying: "'During the campaign, Bill Clinton was enormously supportive of John, constantly giving him advice and encouraging him in every conceivable way. At no point in my recollection did John ever get off the phone after a conversation with him where he said, 'Bill thinks it's too early for me.' Never. Not once.' Was this just Bill trying to talk down a potential rival to Hilary? 'I can come to the same supposition anybody else can about why he said that.'" LINK

Politics of Iraq:

Results of a weekend USA Today/Gallup Poll show that " President Bush's address to the nation last week failed to move public opinion in support of his plan to increase U.S. troop levels in Iraq and left Americans more pessimistic about the likely outcome of the war," reports Susan Page of USA Today. LINK

Sen. John Sununu (R-N.H.) says that the Iraqi government must meet specific conditions in order to prove their readiness to take control of their own country before sending over more U.S. troops to Iraq, reports the Union Leader's John DiStaso. LINK

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