The Note: New Verse, Same As the First

Susan Ager of the Detroit Free Press examines the advantages of Sen. Obama's "global heritage," saying "In contrast, John Edwards looks like a parochial WASP. Hillary Clinton looks like a has-been. Everyone else looks like dry white bread." LINK

2008: Democrats: Obama vs. Clinton:

Howard Fineman takes a different kind of look at the battle for the Democratic nomination mostly through the Clinton v. Obama prism and compares this race to high school. One candidate would be the preppy, straight-A student and the other would be the student who everyone wanted to be around. (We'll let you figure out which is which.) LINK

Mike Dorning and Christi Parsons of the Chicago Tribune focus in on the 2008 race and Rep. Rahm Emanuel, writing, "Of all the positions he has assumed in political wars, one rarely associated with the combative Emanuel is this: fetal. Yet that is where he finds himself when it comes to his preferred candidate in the 2008 presidential race." LINK

2008: Democrats: Kerry:

The AP has more on Sen. Kerry's call for an inquiry and focus into the Defense Departments surplus sale operations after the Associated Press reported some "military gear" was being sold off to China and Iran. LINK

2008: Democrats: Vilsack:

The Des Moines Register reports on the taxpayers-funded booklets touting Gov. Vilsack's legacy and experience. The Register lays it out in glossy, multi-page detail. LINK

New Hampshire:

Sen. John Sununu already has Democratic company in the November 2008 race for his Senate seat, the Union Leader reports. LINK

The AP on the same: LINK

Over to you, Sen. Schumer: Katrina Swett or Steve Marchand?

2008: Republicans:

In his piece looking at the effort on the part of some RNC members to get a secret ballot on today's election of a new general chairman, the Washington Times' venerable Ralph Z. Hallow reports that "two potential Republican presidential candidates held simultaneous dinners last night for RNC members. Some members said they got invitations to the one held by" Sen. McCain "and to the one held by" former Gov. Romney. "Other said they got invitations to one but not the other. Some members said they were going to try to drop in on both dinners." LINK

"Also, a stream of members visited Mr. McCain in his Senate offices, some ferried there courtesy of RNC member Chuck Yob of Michigan."

2008: Republican National Convention:

Brady Averill of the Star Tribune reports that on Thursday, the Republican National Committee officially inked its deal with Minneapolis-St. Paul to host the 2008 GOP Convention. LINK

2008: Republicans: Giuliani:

What will it take to get the Gang of 500 (especially the journalistic and GOP portions of the Gang) to take Giuliani's White House bid seriously? Will ramping up a national finance operation and announcing some senior level staffers in key early states do it?

The New York Post's Maggie Haberman has some details. LINK

As does Marc Ambinder of the Hotline's "On Call" blog: LINK

2008: Republicans: Romney:

In his Boston Globe op-ed column, Scot Lehigh has some fun pitting Gov. Romney's 1994 and 2002 words against some of his more recent rhetoric and paints it as the first debate of the cycle: Romney v. Romney. LINK

The Dallas Morning News' editorial board sees Romney's evolution of policy positions as a serious hindrance to his candidacy. LINK

2008: Republicans: Tancredo:

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