The Note: The Way to Win, Chappaqua Style

"'The country is looking for somebody who, one, brings the country together -- a unifier, a healer -- and two, somebody who gets things done,' he said. 'Those two quests by Americans override any other concerns.'"

2008: Democrats: Gore:

The New York Times editorial board urges former Vice President Al Gore to accept Chairman Dingell's invitation to appear before his committee to help bring Rep. Dingell into the conversation about the effects (and causes) of global warming. LINK

2008: Democrats: Obama:

Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun Times writes up Sen. Obama's staff and Notes that executive director of the Center for Public Leadership at Harvard University Betsy Myers (sister of Clinton press secretary Dee Dee Myers) will serve as the Obama campaign's Chief Operating Officer. LINK

Niles Lathem of the New York Post takes a quick look at Michelle Obama -- describing her "as a classic beauty in the mold of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis." LINK

Ellis Cose offers an opinion piece in Newsweek exploring the post-boomer candidate that is Barack Obama and wonders if that might be an advantage for him. LINK

John Broder of the New York Times took a similar look in the paper's Week-in-Review section on Sunday. LINK

"The hesitant spouse is a well-known character in presidential politics, and Michelle has never been quite as conflicted as some of her comments might suggest," write Newsweek's Springen and Darman in their Michelle Obama profile. LINK

2008: Democrats: Kerry:

Under a "Room for 1 More?" header, CBS4's Jon Keller reports that a spokesman for Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) says that the 2004 Democratic presidential nominee is in the "final stages of his decision-making process." LINK

Democratic agenda:

Emerging grievances within party likely to test Pelosi, writes the Washington Post's Jonathan Weisman. LINK

Sen. Chuck Schumer aims to help develop the Democratic brand in his new book. Newsweek publishes excerpts -- and, not to worry, Joe and Eileen are prominently featured. LINK

The Libby trial:

The trial of former Cheney chief of staff Scooter Libby will highlight the (at times) complicated reporter-source relationship in Washington. The New York Times' Neil Lewis has the story. LINK

Bush Administration agenda/personality:

Holly Bailey of Newsweek takes a look at Karl Rove's lack of time in the public spotlight of late. LINK

". . .behind the scenes, according to administration officials (anonymous in order to discuss White House matters), Rove has been laying the groundwork for Bush's State of the Union address and mulling how the GOP can regain momentum in 2008."

In Sunday's Washington Post, George Will wrote that Rep. Barney Frank's (D-MA) thinking is "what today's liberalism looks like when organized by a first-class mind." LINK

Saturday's New York Post had excerpts from Sen. Chuck Schumer's (D-NY) new book, "Positively American," in which he discusses his plan for winning back the middle class -- and his love of the Hunan Dynasty Chinese restaurant in Washington, DC. LINK

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