The Note: Clean as a Whistle

The fact that the House might take up the Warner language cleanly is not good news for the White House. (The Hill's Jonathan Kaplan explores the varied Iraq resolutions that House Democrats might propose in opposition to President Bush's "escalation" plan. LINK) The New York Times' Carl Hulse looks at Sen. Warner and the debate he has found himself in the middle of after he proposed "a bipartisan resolution opposing President Bush's troop buildup in Iraq in more muted terms than one broadly backed by Democrats." LINK

Bloomberg News on the same: LINK

Bloomberg News' Tony Capaccio Notes that some lawmakers think President Bush and the Pentagon are playing "fast and loose" with funding requests for Iraq and Afghanistan, with Senate Armed Services Committee ranking member -- Sen. John Warner -- expecting "enhanced scrutiny" of Bush's $100 billion proposal. LINK

Pelosi politics:

Claimeth the Washington Times: Speaker Nancy Pelosi is seeking Bush Administration support for military aircraft to transport her and her (political) family back and forth from San Francisco to Washington. LINK

2008: Democrats: Biden:

Joe Biden's presidential campaign got off to a "memorable start, not the kind he really wanted," said ABC News' Robin Roberts on "Good Morning America."

ABC News' Jake Tapper Noted on GMA that Biden may have set a record for the shortest amount of time in presidential campaign history from announcement to apology for offending a minority group.

"In a year when we have so many firsts, it's important for candidates to know how to talk about these firsts and to understand the new dynamics in American politics," said Democratic strategist Donna Brazile in Tapper's GMA piece.

ABC News' Stephanopoulos told Robin Roberts that Biden was "starting out at 1% in the polls and this is not a great first impression." Stephanopoulos went on to say that Biden advisers "concede this was a blow and that he needed to make a much better first impression. . . it really did hurt him."

Stephanopoulos also said that the life cycle of these controversies are usually a bit longer. Biden's went "gaffe, firestorm, apology, go joke about it on late night TV" all within 12 hours.

"In an ironic way this may have helped Barack Obama. . . He was doing poorly among the African American community because a lot of people didn't know he was black," added Stephanopoulos.

Under a "Biden Stumbles at the Starting Gate" header, the Washington Post's Dan Balz reports that Obama issued a statement that absolved Biden "only in part." LINK

"Senator Joe Biden, D-Del., the loquacious chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee who launched his presidential campaign today, may be experiencing an ailment not entirely unknown to him: foot in mouth disease," writes ABC News' Jake Tapper. LINK

"Sen. Joe Biden officially leapt into the 2008 race yesterday and promptly fell flat on his face," writes Helen Kennedy of the New York Daily News. LINK

The New York Post's Ian Bishop on the Biden misstep: LINK

Bishop got this Obama effort at euphemism: "He was very gracious and I have no problems with Joe Biden," said Obama, who "took no offense" at Biden's comment - "Joe was just making news, being Joe."

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