The Note: Money Don't Get Everything It's True

For some Senate Democrats, the strategy has moved from non-binding to pro-binding, as Democrats who opposed the non-binding resolution as too weak may use the upcoming 9/11 Bill to attach binding resolutions to cap troop levels and funding for future deployments.LINK

House Democrats threatened to take up a resolution next week opposing the surge proposal, report the Los Angeles Times' Noam N. Levey and Janet Hook. LINK

"The majority leader, Harry Reid of Nevada, needs to call a timeout and regroup. By changing the issue from Iraq to partisan parliamentary tactics, his leadership team threatens to muddy the message of any anti-escalation resolution the Senate may eventually pass," writes the New York Times editorial board appearing somewhat frustrated with its base. LINK

The Washington Post's Peter Baker on the President turning to Gen. David Petraeus to rally Hill support.LINK

Bush Administration agenda:

The Bush Administration's recent firing and hiring of some US Attorneys came under scrutiny before a Senate committee yesterday when one Justice Department official conceded there was no specific cause for the removal of US Attorney Bud Cummins of Arkansas. Former RNC Political Director and Karl Rove deputy Tim Griffin was appointed to the position. David Johnston of the New York Times has the story. LINK

More from USA Today's Kevin Johnson. LINK

Democratic agenda:

The Hill's Jessica Holzer reports on the effect on Wall Street as congressional Democrats lay siege to the credit card industry and the market braces itself for "headline risk."LINK

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) told reporters yesterday that the Democrats will unveil their long term agenda sometime next week, reports Roll Call's Jennifer Yachnin has more.

House of Labor:

The Hill's Sam Youngman interviews Harold Schaitberger, president of the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF), about help given to Kerry in 2004 and the union's plans for 2008. LINK

The Libby trial:

The New York Times' Lewis writes up the possibility that Scooter Libby may not take the stand in his own defense. LINK

Political potpourri:

David Halbfinger of the New York Times writes up Hollywood's day on the Hill pressing issues from piracy to the middle class needs of the majority of the movie industry's workers. LINK

From Foley to Abramoff, and from "Duke" to "Dusty," ABC News' Brian Ross keeps us up to date on the political scandals of yesteryear.LINK also has a photo gallery. LINK

ABC News' Anne-Marie Dorning examines the strategy to go "from villain to victim" as San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom becomes one more in a long line of scandal-burdened politicians who check themselves into rehab for alcohol. LINK

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