The Note: Brutal Honesty

The New York Daily News' Michael McAuliff reports Hillary Clinton will get some help from her husband or "Bubba gun,"as the Daily News calls him, at a fundraiser next month. LINK

In his always must-read "Granite Status" column, John DiStaso of the Union Leader reports that Clinton has "picked up significant local support his week with endorsements by former U.S. Rep. Dick Swett" -- whose endorsement of Sen. Lieberman in the 2004 contest is not likely to be a Clinton talking point -- and veteran New Hampshire Democratic strategist Judy Reardon. LINK

(DiStaso also takes some of the press coverage to task of how Obama and Clinton were recently treated in their inaugural New Hampshire visits as presidential candidates.)

2008: Democrats: Edwards:

ABC News' Teddy Davis has an R.N.C. spokesman calling John Edwards' claim that President Bush is waging war in Iraq at this stage "without authorization" "preposterous" but despite the broad grant of authority that Edwards and others in Congress gave the President in 2002, a leading expert in national security law believes it is reasonable for Edwards to argue that the President's authority is constrained by the original purpose for which the power was granted. LINK

The News & Observer's Rob Christensen reports on Edwards calling for a cap on troop levels. Edwards said, "We don't need non-binding resolutions. We need to end this war, and Congress has the power do it. They should use it now." LINK

2008: Democrats: Vilsack vs. Edwards on Iraq:

On Wednesday, Vilsack opponent John Edwards proposed capping the amount of money for troops in Iraq to pressure the Bush Administration not to send any more. The Des Moines Register's Tom Beaumont Notes, however, that the former North Carolina senator "stopped short of calling on Congress to refuse to pay for combat in Iraq -- as former Gov. Tom Vilsack has done -- saying to do so would further destabilize Iraq." LINK

"'The problem with an immediate and total defunding and immediate and total withdrawal is it creates a greater possibility of destabilization,' Edwards said during a conference call with reporters."

After Edwards confirmed that he disagrees with Vilsack's call to end funding for all U.S. fighting in Iraq, Vilsack spokesman Josh Earnest put out a statement rebuking the Edwards position: "Capping troop levels in Iraq is nothing more than staying the course with a Bush-led military strategy that has failed our troops and failed our country."

Vilsack's web site, which was redesigned yesterday to include new interactive features, is now emblazoned with the words: "It is our responsibility to end the war now." LINK

2008: Democrats: Biden:

Chuck Raasch of the Statesman Journal comments this morning that Sen. Biden's "crystal ball" on Iraq is clearer then the other candidates he is competing against for the nomination, namely Clinton, Edwards, and Obama.LINK

2008: Democrats: Kucinich:

Sabrina Eaton of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that Rep. Kucinich is taking to YouTube to attack his rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination, hitting Sen. Obama for voting "eight times to fund the war," and Sens. Clinton and Edwards because they "gave George Bush permission, and in effect, made it possible for the war to occur." LINK

South Carolina:

The presidential hopefuls are not the only ones benefiting from visits to South Carolina -- so too is the Palmetto State, writes The States' Aaron Sheinin. LINK

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